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First Lady Mara Kimmel

As First Lady of Anchorage, Mara Kimmel continues to be inspired by our neighbors who come from all walks of life, backgrounds and places.  Her pursuit for justice has been a lifelong endeavor and passion. 
Mara has a long career in Alaskan public policy focused on issues of rights and justice, including being on faculty at both Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Mara has practiced law in Alaska since 1996, and co-founded the Alaska Institute for Justice - Alaska‚Äôs only non-profit agency providing low cost immigration legal services, language access services and research and policy analysis on issues impacting human rights in Alaska. She is motivated by the many people she has met and worked with over the years who have stood in the face of trauma, violence and persecution, yet who maintain their strength and resilience.  Mara is also enthralled when she gets to watch her students grow and learn and engage in our incredible city.  She recently completed her PhD where her research focused on local governance and community wellbeing.  Mara is now the Deputy Director for Strategy, Research and Scholarship at the Anchorage Museum.
Most especially, Mara loves being with her family, exploring Alaska and the world, hiking, skiing and adventuring.   She is excited to see what the future brings, for her kids, her family and for our community.

"Creating our Collective Impact" by Mara Kimmel
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