How can I serve on a board or commission?

We're continually seeking dedicated residents to participate in our municipal government process and contribute to improving our community.

Every October, roughly one third of the seats on municipal boards and commissions (about 150) are appointed, typically for a three-year term. Vacancies can arise throughout the year, and applications are always welcomed.

Interested in Joining a Board or Commission?

Our online application process is simple and quick. Please click here to apply. 

Upon receipt of your application by the Mayor’s Office, you will receive a confirmation. Your application will be reviewed and kept for potential vacancies on the board or commission of your interest. We keep applications active for one year. Most appointments to municipal boards and commissions are made by the mayor and then forwarded to the assembly for confirmation. Some boards and commissions have elected members or, in certain cases, are appointed by the assembly. 

Before your application is presented to the assembly, our staff will contact you to confirm your continued interest and availability. 

Boards and commissions are categorized by the Municipal Code as follows:

Service Area Supervisory Boards

These boards focus on overseeing local road, fire or recreational services within a specific geographical area. Board members, elected by the community, must reside in the area they represent.

Regulatory and Adjudicatory Boards and Commissions

These entities set standards, grant waivers and may impose fines to uphold these standards.​​​​

Program Advisory Boards

These boards provide advice to the mayor and the assembly on specific community programs and needs.​

​For further information, please contact:

Richard E. Whitney

Special Administrative Assistant 
Municipality of Anchorage
PO Box 196650​
Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6650
Phone: (907) 343-7150
Email: ​Richard.Whitney@anchorageak.gov​