A resilient city bounces back from acute shocks and tackles chronic stresses. Anchorage is becoming more resilient by building a sustainable city, mobilizing volunteers, engaging partners, and creating a vibrant workforce.



The administration is committed to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Good stewardship is critical for Anchorage's economy, climate, and security. The administration has taken actions that promote responsible resource development and good jobs, clean air and water, and a safer more stable world.


Anchorage residents play an important role in making our community more resilient. Volunteers have already begun to make a difference by participating in food security initiatives through our partnership with Cities of Service.

In 2015, Anchorage was selected as one of the first ten cities to participate in the national Resilience AmeriCorps initiative through Cities of Service, a national nonprofit dedicated to solving city challenges by engaging volunteers. The Mayor's Office received a $25,000 grant from Cities of Service as well as the support of two Resilience AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers to engage residents and community leaders in addressing challenges to community resilience like food insecurity.  


Creating an AWARE Anchorage requires a strong partnership between the Municipality and community organizations.

The Anchorage Museum and the University of Alaska Anchorage are vital to achieving our vision of building a resilient and welcoming Anchorage, as are the Alaska Community Foundation, Wells Fargo, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, Anchorage Community Land Trust, and the State of Alaska. We also are grateful to our national partners, the National League of CitiesRose Center for Public Leadership, Welcoming America, the New American Economy and Cities of Service.



The administration is dedicated to creating a strong local economy through inclusive workforce development programs.

Hosting job shops in Anchorage's most vulnerable neighborhoods, launching new employment programs, and realizing the economic potential of new Americans will lead to a more resilient and vibrant workforce.

See the Welcoming Anchorage page for more information.