​​​​Community Fire Planning

Are you  Ready?

2003 Cedar Fire, California

What is Community Fire Planning?

Our community has been fortunate to not have a large wildfire since 1973. For the Anchorage Wildfire Program to continue helping residents stay prepared in the coming years, AFD is coordinating the development of community wildfire protection plans (CWPPs). The Municipal-wide CWPP will document the updated strategic plan for wildland fire mitigation. A draft of this document is linked below. During the next two years, AFD staff will be working closely with community councils and neighborhoods to develop action plans that help residents prepare for a wildland fire, in addition to other disasters. Through coordination with the Emergency Operations Center, AFD supports the Emergency Watch program and links it to Firewise Communities USA

Municipality of Anchorage Community Wildfire Protection Plan

After a year of scoping and review, AFD completed the Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the MOA. While this document serves the entire Municipality, neighborhood planning is how it will be implemented. To better prepare yourself and your community, AFD can facilitate your neighborhood meeting to initiate the process through Emergency Watch. Call the Wildfire Mitigation Office at 267-4935​ or email.

Who Is Responsible?

As wildfires heat up the wildland-urban interface on the global scale, there has been substantial discussion about the responsibility of the home owner to understand the impact of living in ecosystems experience wildfires periodically as part of the natural cycle.

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