​​​​​​​​Community Fire Planning

The 2003 Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA) directs communities at risk of wildfire to develop a risk assessment and mitigation plan. Community Wildfire Protection Plans are a collaborative effort between wildfire suppression agencies, federal, state and local governments, community groups, and individuals.​​ (Alaska DOF)​

2003 Cedar Fire, California 

Our community has been fortunate to not have a large wildfire since 1973. For the Anchorage Wildfire Program to continue helping residents stay prepared in the coming years, AFD is coordinating an update of its Community Wildfire Protection P​​lan (CWPP). Adopted in 2008​, the Municipal-wide CWPP documents the strategic plan for wildland fire mitigation.  AFD staff will be working closely with community councils and neighborhoods to develop action plans that help residents prepare for a wildland fire. 

This updated plan will provide a springboard for community councils, homeowners associations, businessess and Anchorage citizens to better protect lives and property from the risk of wildfires. In addition to the CWPP, the Municipality also possesses an All Hazards Mitigation Plan. This plan outlines ​hazards affecting our community and the plans/projects designed to address these risks. You may visit the Municipality's Office of Emergency Management page to learn more.  

​Both the Municipality Community Wildfire Protection Plan​ and All Hazards Mitigation Plans are linked below.

​    Community Wildfire Protection Plan  
  All Ha​zards Mit​igation Plan
Community Wildfire Protection Plan Cover
All Hazards Mitigation Plan Cover



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