Fire Prevention


2019 Fire Prevention

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Not evey hero wears a cape.
Plan and Practice your escape.        


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The Prevention Division takes an aggressive approach to assure our buildings are safe for your use. Child Care facilities, Adult Care facilities and Assembly type occupancies are required to be licensed and have a permit for their use. We also inspect hazardous type occupancies through our Community Right To Know (CRTK) program. Multi-residential facilities and hotels are tracked and inspected through our fire protection systems inspections.


Our Plan Review Section works hand-in-hand with the Building Department. They review construction plans for compliance with life safety provisions of the codes along with all fire protection systems. These systems are inspected and tested prior to assure they are installed to the applicable code requirements.


Our Investigation Staff is trained in the legal process and go through a law enforcement academy. The Investigator works closely with other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state. They process the scene, gather evidence, interview witnesses and prepare the case for presentation to the State Attorney for Criminal Prosecution.

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