Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, hood suppression systems in commercial cooking, foam systems and more are classified as fire suppression systems. They need to be tested at regular intervals, and fire inspectors are charged with verifying that they are functional.

Portable fire extinguishers need to be certified annually, and replaced after 5 years of service. Old extinguishers must be properly disposed of. The Municipal landfill collection facility will take up to 40 pounds of waste for households per day for free. Commercial disposal costs vary based on weight. Fire suppression companies will dispose of them for a charge ranging from $20 per extinguisher. Check the Yellow Pages under fire suppression companies for more information on that option.

The following table indicates the interval for each type of system.

Inspection and Test Intervals for Fire Suppression Systems

Systems installed by professionals, certified by the State Fire Marshal are required to be certified. 

That certification is documented on the following forms.  Click Here to download the PDF form with all installer certs.