Assembly Boards and Commissions

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is a five-member board appointed by the Mayor, approved by the Assembly, and staffed by the Municipal Clerk. The duties of the Board of Ethics are derived from the Municipal Code of Ethics (AMC 1.15). The purpose of the Ethics Code is to set clear and reasonable standards for public officials and employees of the Municipality. The Board of Ethics promotes an understanding of these standards by providing advisory opinions, investigating notifications of potential violation, resolving potential conflicts, reviewing disclosure forms, and developing Ethics Training. The Board of Ethics holds regular meetings monthly and special meetings as needed.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a five-member board appointed by the Mayor, approved by the Assembly, and staffed by the Municipal Clerk. The Board of Adjustment decides appeals from decisions made by lower administrative bodies including the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Platting Board, and the Urban Design Commission regarding plats, conditional land uses, and site plan variances. The appeal is based solely on the record established before the lower administrative body. The Board of Adjustment meets as required. 

Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization is comprised of private citizens appointed and approved by the Anchorage Assembly to hear valuation appeals brought forward by property owners. This adjudicatory board hears arguments on appealed property assessments to determine fair and equitable resolution of appeals. While the Board of Equalization is not part of the Municipal Assessor's Office, the Assessor's Office provides staff support to the Board of Equalization. The Board of Equalization meets as needed. 

Houseless Lived Experience Advisory Board​​

There is established a Houseless Lived Experience Advisory Board to provide inp​ut and feedback to the assembly and mayor on housing and homelessness solutions with the goal of centering the perspective of those with lived experience. The Clerk’s Office or a designee selected by the assembly chair shall act as staff for the board.

Salaries and Emoluments Commission​

The Salaries and Emoluments Commission is a five-member commission appointed by the Mayor, approved by the Assembly, and staffed by the Municipal Clerk. The Salaries and Emoluments Commission establishes the salaries, benefits, and allowances for the Mayor, Assembly members, and Anchorage School Board members. The Municipal Home Rule Charter provides for the appointment of this commission and sets out its duties. The Salaries and Emoluments Commission meets at least once every year.   

Election Commission

 The Election Com​mission is a five-member commission appointed by the Mayor, approved by th​e Assembly, and staffed by the Municipal Clerk. The Election Commission adjudicates ballots that have been preliminarily rejected by election officials, reviews and reports on the election results to the Assembly, provides advice on the conduct of local elections, and recommends changes to local law relating to elections.​ Commission members often participate in election worker training, logic and accuracy testing, and election observation.  Meetings include a yearly organizational meeting and the public session of canvass; any additional meetings are held at the call of the Assembly, Municipal Clerk, or the Commission Chair.​ If you have a question or issue for the Election Commission, please contact the Commission in care of the Municipal Clerk's Office at,​​ at 343-4311, or at 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 250.​​

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