Type II - Roving Vendor/Ice Cream Truck License

  • AMC 10.60.057 regarding Roving Vendor License
  • AMC 10.60.140 regarding Ice Cream Truck License
    • Term:  1 Year (October 1st through September 30th)
    • Fee:  $150 Term
  • ​Park Endorsement
    • Added to roving vendor license​​
    • Fee: +$150.00​
  • Roving Vendor Checklist

Provide the following with your application:

  • Proof of Liability Insurance & Vehicle Insurance for each Vehicle

AMC 10.60.110 for Coverage Amounts

The Municipality of Anchorage must be listed as the certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability Insurance.​

  • Proof of State Vehicle Registration for each vehicle 
Required for each vehicle
  • Proof of Health Permits
For unpackaged foods only 
Must be current

Applicants for Ice Cream Truck License must also provide:

Required for each vehicle
  • Copy of ASE Technician Certification with Receipt of Payment
Obtained from technician who inspected the ice cream truck
Mail or hand-deliver Form to:

Department of Public Safety
5700 E Tudor Rd. (2nd Floor)
Anchorage, AK  99507

Required for all individuals who will operate the truck(s)

Must be faxed by the Department of Public Safety directly to the Municipal Clerk's Office

  • Provide two forms of identification, one of which is government issued.
  • Include payment in the form of cash or a check only.

Roving Vendor/Ice Cream Truck License with Park Endorsement:​

In order to operate within parks, you must have a park endorsement with your Roving Vendor License.

Term: 1 Year

Fees:  $150 License application
           $150 Park Endorsement

Total Fee: $300 Term

There may be some restrictions.  Please contact Parks a​nd Recreation for more information.