Tow Operator License

Provide the following with your application:

Must be current

  • Proof of State Vehicle Registration for each vehicle 
Required for each vehicle​
  • Proof of Insurance

AMC 10.54.040 for Coverage Amounts

The Municipality of Anchorage must be listed as the certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

  • Office Signage
Must have copy/picture of business sign

Applicant for Private Party Impound Endorsement must also provide:

  • Impound Yard As-Built
Must have copy of original
  • Storage Lot Signage
Must have copy/picture of sign used in privately owned area
  • ​PPI Information Sheet
 Per AMC 10.54.040A.10.e. information must be available in office, storage yard, and in vehicles.​

​Customer Information:​

Consumer Bill of Rights​

​Per AMC 9.54.050H. a copy must be provided to the vehicle owner or agent immediately upon initial contact.

​​Rotational Tow Program

Anchorage Po​lice Department operates the Rotational Tow program. 

To participate in this program, tow operators must obtain a PPI endorsement and apply with APD.