NOTICE:    As of January 1, 2020, nonconsensual tow rates and allowable fees increased.

There has been no increase to fees, charges or rates listed under Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) 9.54.030 since November of 2014. Therefore, an automatic increase of nonconsensual tow rates and allowable fees has increased by 6.24%.

Please update your fee schedule and update your posted list of allowable rates and maximums which should be posted in a visible location in your business and each vehicle used under your municipal tow operator license, as well as provided to the vehicle owner or agent upon initial contact as required by AMC 9.54.030C.

AMC 9.54.030B. If no increase occurs within five years of the most recent amendment to a fee, charge or rate listed in this section, the amount will automatically increase by a percentage equal to the average percentage change in the CPI-U for Anchorage, Alaska, in the preceding five calendar year period on an average annual basis, plus five percent. The CPI-U* is the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics annual average for all items for all urban consumers published for Anchorage, Alaska. The automatic increase shall be effective on January 1 of the calendar year following the five year anniversary of the most recent amendment to the affected rate.

*The DOL page for the CPI-U.

For a list of the updated fees, please click: 9.54.030 Nonconsensual tow rates and allowable fees - UPDATED

Tow Operator License

  • AMC 9.54 regarding Tow Procedures
  • AMC 10.54 regarding Tow Operator License
  • Application Fee:  $150 (one vehicle included)  
    • $50 PPI Endorsement
    • $20 each additional vehicle
  • Term:  1 Year (January 1st through December 31st)

Provide the following with your application:

Must be current

  • Proof of State Vehicle Registration for each vehicle 
Required for each vehicle​
  • Proof of Insurance

AMC 10.54.040 for Coverage Amounts

The Municipality of Anchorage must be listed as the certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

  • Office Signage
Must have copy/picture of business sign

Applicant for Private Party Impound Endorsement must also provide:

  • Impound Yard As-Built
Must have copy of original
  • Storage Lot Signage
Must have copy/picture of sign used in privately owned area
  • PPI Information Sheet
Must have rate sheet

Additional Information:

Consumer Bill of Rights
Visibility Apparel

APD Rotational Tow Program:

For more information on the Rotational Tow Program or to apply, please contact the Anchorage Police Department.