Anchorage Votes at Home

Voting at home is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1. Mark Your Ballot

Once you receive your ballot package in the mail, mark your​ choice(s) by filling in the oval(s) with black or blue pen and then, place your ballot into the secrecy sleeve and then into the ballot return envelope.

2. Sign the Declaration

Read and sign the declaration on the ballot return envelope.

3. Return Your Ballot

Return your ballot by placing it in a secure drop box, or returning it to an Anchorage Vote Center (AVC), or by mailing it through the U.S. Postal Service with first class postage.​ 

Track Yo​ur Ballot
Get text, email, or voicemail updates about the status of your ballot by signing up for BallotTrax at www.anchoragevotes.com or the button below. You can also call the Voter Hotline at 907-243-VOTE (8683). You will need to provide information to confirm your identity if you call the Voter Hotline.


​​Did you know?

Ballot packages will be mailed to qualified Anchorage voters approximately 21 days before a Regular or Special Election and at least 7 days before a Runoff Election. To receive your ballot package at an address other than the mailing address on file through your voter registration​, please fill out an Application to Vote at a Temporary Address, which is posted on the Voter Information page.

Tour the Election Center​​

Get Out the Vote​


In the mid-2010s, the Anchorage Assembly asked the Municipal Clerk's Office to explore ways to increase the number of citizens voting and address other identified elections challenges, including: aging election equipment, retiring election workers, difficulty in finding suitable space, increasing security concerns, and low public engagement and turnout.

At the Assembly's direction, the Clerk's Office formed a Stakeholder Group in 2015. Initially the group was comprised of about a dozen people representing a diverse group of Anchorage citizens, but the group grew to over 50 members representing businesses, non-profits, and others interested in elections. After 15 months of research and public outreach, the Stakeholder Group recommended Vote at Home/Vote by Mail to the Anchorage Assembly as the best way to increase voter participation and save community resources.

On March 8, 2016, the Assembly introduced a change to municipal code to allow voting by mail. A public hearing was held and on March 22, 2016, the Assembly approved the change which established Vote by Mail as the method for Municipal elections. The first Vote by Mail election was held in 2018. (Vote by Mail Final Report, March 2019)

​​907-243-VOTE elections@anchorageak.gov

​619 E Ship Creek Ave., Ste. 100, Door D Anchorage, AK 99501