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Office of Emergency Management

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Our Mission

To support residents, property and the environment of the Municipality of Anchorage by preparing for, responding to, mitigating against and recovering from all hazards.


Our Vision

A more disaster ​resilient community led by a capable network of Municipal staff and community partners.


 The Emergency Operations Center is at 

Response Operations: LEVEL 2

  • The EOC is activated to Level 2 in order to plan for, and respond to the public health concern surrounding CoVid-19, formerly known as the Novel Corona Virus. Currently there are no known active cases of CoVid-19 within the Municipality of Anchorage. The EOC activation is allowing the Municipality of Anchorage to effectively and cooperatively plan for contingencies. 
  • EOC Response Team members are being contacted as needed at this time. If/when this changes, additional response team members will be notified through established methods.
  • Anchorage residents can stay current on COVID-19 information by visiting the Municipality’s information webpage.
  • This information will be updated as necessary when conditions change. 


​Updated Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 10:00a​m


Emerg​ency Conditions Line:  (907) 343-4701


​Contact Us

Main:   (907) 343-1400

Fax:     (907) 249-7808

email:  wwoem@muni.org


Office Location & Mailing Address

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1305 E Street

Anchorage, AK 99501



8:00AM - 5:00PM

Monday - Friday​