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Personal Care Assistants (PCA's), Children, Guests,  Service Animals and Pets

Personal Care Assistants

AnchorRIDES service is normally curb-to-curb, which means that the driver will only assist a rider in getting on and off the vehicle. Passengers may request door-to-door service if assistance is needed between the vehicle and the building door. Drivers will not carry items and must be within site of the vehicle at all times.

Passengers who need to travel with another person for safety and health reasons must have a personal care attendant (PCA). The need for a PCA must be indicated on the AnchorRIDES application or by requesting PCA eligibility through the AnchorRIDES Eligibility Assessor at 343-6543. The eligible passenger provides a PCA.


Passengers are allowed one (1) guest to accompany them on AnchorRIDES, in addition to a PCA. If there is room on the vehicle, additional guests may ride and will be required to pay the fare. When a trip is reserved, tell the Customer Service Representative how many persons are traveling to ensure sufficient room in the vehicle is reserved.

The first guest pays the same fare as the AnchorRIDES eligible rider of $3.50 ($5.50 in premium areas), except for children under five, who travel at no charge. PCA's travel free. Additional guests are charged $15.00 a trip.


AnchorRIDES eligible passengers may have their children accompany them as guests. Passengers traveling with children must notify the dispatcher when scheduling a trip. The children must pay the same, as if they were a guest.

Young children riding AnchorRIDES must follow the State of Alaska seat belt law, which requires an approved child safety device (car seat) for children under four years of age. The adult traveling with the child must provide the safety device.

Service Animals and Pets

Please notify AnchorRIDES when a service animal or pet will accompany the rider.  Service Animals are always welcome, however pets are not allowed on AnchorRIDES vehicles unless they can be transported in a suitable pet carrier for a total weight of no more than 25 pounds.  Animals may not occupy a seat; must remain at your feet, or on your lap; and may not be aggressive or disruptive.

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