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Truck Information

The following maps show information on routes which are approved truck routes for commercial vehicles.  Routes, in accordance with Title 9 code, are determined based on classification.

The doubles route map shows the routes which must be used by double loads.  These routes are restricted to the larger roadways such as Tudor/Muldoon, the Seward Highway, and International Airport Roads.  The routes provide access to and from the Municipal boundaries and major industrial areas as well as ports of entry, such as Ted Stevens Anchroage International Airport and the Port of Anchorage.

Also shown are truck routes which access various areas within the Municipality.  These are designated downtown routes as well as routes which must be used to access other locations within the Anchorage Bowl.  These routes must be used as the primary routes to the closest point to the destination.

In accordance with Title 9, no other routes can be used as through routes.  Any deviations from these designated routes must be by the most direct route to and from the destination which requires the least amount of travel on local roads.

Seasonal Weight Restriction Guidelines  

Weight restrictions for legal axle loads may apply to all vehicles over 10,000 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). These restrictions are normally required from March/April through May. The duration of the restrictions are dependent upon the weather and temperature. The purpose of these restrictions are to reduce pavement damage to roads during spring breakup. Weight Restriction information can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link listed below.

MOA Weight Restrictions - Effective May 2, 2016 - Click here

MOA Weight Restrictions - Effective May 9, 2016 - Click here

State of Alaska Department of Transportation Weight Restrictions 

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