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Bonny Sosa
Tuesday Night Race Series

Races will begin on September 9th and run through Nov 4th. So, come on down, bring your family and friends (sorry dogs prohibited) and be prepared for some hills, spills, thrills and chills. 

For many Anchorage families, the Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race Series is a fall family tradition. These  fun runs are like no other in Anchorage. Come rain, snow, sleet, hail or wind, weather permitting these races are rarely cancelled. Whether you are a competitive runner or just want to get out and see a new trail or meet new friends, this is the event for you. Three separate race courses are set each week at a different location around town. Local runners often volunteer as guest course setters and some have gained a reputation of setting unique routes. While the Munchkin and Farm Leagues usually stay on heavily used trails, the Lightning League is a different story. Lightning courses have been known to follow narrow game trails, cross streams, and slog through swamps.  The race course will be revealed to no one until just prior to the start. Interested in volunteering, contact Brad Cooke at , 343-6566 or Margaret Timmerman at , 343-4217.

In 2008, after the death of Bonny Sosa, long time fitness advocate and founder/director of Healthy Futures, the race series was dedicated to her and her name became part of the Tuesday Night Races. With her 'can do' attitude, positive energy and passion for life, Bonny was a front runner and activist in the community, and a friend to all that had the privilege to know her.


Race Divisions                          
Munchkin League 1-3K Kids & Kids at Heart
Farm League 3-10K   Recreational Runners
Lightning League 4-12K Competitive Runners


Register On-line at On-line registration closes at 6p on the day of the event.

  • Onsite registration will be availble at the first two races. (On-site registration may be available at other races. TBA) Race day registration will be open from 5:30p-6:15p 
  • Races start: 6:30p

You can also register in person at Kincaid Outdoor Center, Selkregg Chalet, Fairview Community Recreation Center, or Spenard Community Recreation Center.

NOTE:  The finish line will be removed at 8:15p. Please keep that in mind when choosing a race course.

2014 Schedule       

  • Sept 9 - Kincaid Park
  • Sept 16 - Kincaid Park
  • Sept 23 - Tozier Track
  • September 30 - East High
  • October 7 - Russian Jack Springs Park (Cartee Fields)
  • October 14 - Service High
  • October 21 - Service High
  • October 28 - Kincaid Park Costume Run
    Come out wearing your Halloween costumes.
  • November 4 - Kincaid Outdoor Center
    AWARDS CELEBRATION BANQUET & DESSERT POTLUCK - bring your favorite dessert. Pizza will be provided.       

NOTE: Locations are subject to change because of future unforseen circumstances. We will make every effort to keep everyone informed should that happen.  Check the website and Facebook for updates.

Season Pass Holder

We encourage you to become a season pass holder. Season pass holders receive VIP service.  Help us to keep this very popular community fun run alive and healthy - become a Season Pass Holder.  The purchase of a season pass is available on-line. You can also purchase a season pass at Kincaid Outdoor Center, Selkregg Chalet, Fairview Community Recreation Center, or Spenard Community Recreation Center.

On-Line Registration Fees   
 Kids** $2
 Adults $7
 Youth Season Pass (17 yrs & under) $16
 Adult Season Pass $35
 Family Season Pass*                                $70

On-Site Registration Fees    
 Kids**                                                                       $4
 Adults $12
 Families $20
 Youth Season Pass (17 yrs & under) $16
 Adult Season Pass $35
 Family Season Pass*                                $70

*Family Pass includes immediate family members only (Two adults and three children totaling 5 people).

**Parents/adults escorting their children in the race are expected to pay the entry fee.


Join us for the final race and awards celebration!  Nov 4, immediately following the race, inside the warm Kincaid Outdoor Center, awards are given out while you’re dining on pizza & dessert.  Awards are based on the number of points the top runners get each race and awards are given for all categories.  You must be present to win.  This is a dessert potluck; bring your favorite dessert, pizza will be provided.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.   


 2014 Results
 Sept 9  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 16  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 23  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Sept 30  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 7  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 14              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 21  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 28  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 4  Awards          

 2013 Results      
 Sept 10  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 17  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 24  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 1  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 8  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 15              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 22  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 29  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 5  Awards          

 2012 Results      
 Sept 11  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 18  Cancelled         Cancelled      Cancelled 
 Sept 25  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 2  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 9  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 16              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 23  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 30  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 6  Awards          

2011 Results       
 Sept 6 Munchkin          Farm           Lightning   
 Sept 13 Munchkin Farm Lightning 
 Sept 20 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Sept 27 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 4 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 11 Munchkin* Farm Lightning
 Oct 18 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 25 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Nov 1 Awards
*Due to equipment failure, times for about the first half of the Munchkin League are approximate

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