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 Bonnie Sosa Races

Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race Series

Timing Result

Races will begin on September 11th and run through October 30th. So, come on down, bring your family and friends (sorry dogs prohibited) and be prepared for some hills, spills, thrills and chills  


2019 Results should be posted by 5pm each wednesday.

2019 Results​ ​ ​ ​
​Sept 10MunchkinFarmLightning
​Sept 17MunchkinFarmLightning
​Sept 24MunchkinFarmLightning
Oct 1MunchkinFarmLightning
Oct 8MunchkinFarmLightning
Oct 15MunchkinFarmLightning
​Oct 22MunchkinFarmLightning
​Oct 29​Awards

 2018 Results      
 Sept 11      Munchkin       Farm        Lightning 
 Sept 18     Munchkin Farm      Lightning 
 Sept 25 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 2 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 9 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 16 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 23 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 30 Awards
 2017 Results
 Sept 12  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 19  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 26  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 3  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 10  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 17             Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 24  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 31  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 7  Awards      
 2016 Results
 Sept 6  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 13  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 20  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Sept 27  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 4  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 11             Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 18  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 25  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 1  Awards      


 2015 Results
 Sept 8  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 15  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 22  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Sept 29  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 6  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 13              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 20  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 27  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 3  Awards      


 2014 Results
 Sept 9  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 16  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 23  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Sept 30  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 7  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 14              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 21  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 28  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 4  Awards          


 2013 Results      
 Sept 10  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 17  Munchkin        Farm   Lightning 
 Sept 24  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 1  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 8  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 15              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 22  Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 29  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 5  Awards          


 2012 Results      
 Sept 11  Munchkin  Farm        Lightning
 Sept 18  Cancelled         Cancelled      Cancelled 
 Sept 25  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 2  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 9  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 16              Munchkin  Farm Lightning
 Oct 23  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Oct 30  Munchkin  Farm Lightning 
 Nov 6  Awards          


2011 Results       
 Sept 6 Munchkin          Farm           Lightning   
 Sept 13 Munchkin Farm Lightning 
 Sept 20 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Sept 27 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 4 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 11 Munchkin* Farm Lightning
 Oct 18 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Oct 25 Munchkin Farm Lightning
 Nov 1 Awards
*Due to equipment failure, times for about the first half of the Munchkin League are approximate


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