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Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Maps

Snow Plow Out Status
This map displays the status of snow plowing (winter) and street sweeping (summer) in sectors within Anchorage.

Snow Plowing Plans A & B
This map displays snow plowing plans A & B and alternating snow plowing schedules.

Sidewalk & Trail Snow Removal
This map displays the sidewalk and trail snow removal during winter.

State & MOA Maintained Roads
This map displays State & MOA maintained roads.

Anchorage Roads & Drainage Service Area (ARDSA)
This map displays the boundaries of the Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area maintained by Street Maintenance.

Limited Road Service Area (LRSA)
This map Displays the boundaries of Limited Road Service Areas maintained through contract services procured by "Boards of Supervisors."

Click here to view individual area LRSA maps

    • Street Maintenance
    • Manager: Paul Vanlandingham
    • Anchorage, Alaska
    • 907 343-8277