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Merrill Field

"Fly Friendly" Guidelines

What pilots can do to help reduce aircraft noise over residential neighborhoods

Merrill Field Management and the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower, along with our Fairview and Airport Heights neighborhoods, have been working together with the aviation community in our continuing effort to “Fly Friendly”.  We believe these efforts have made a positive affect in reducing the number of aircraft noise complaints that result from aircraft operations at Merrill Field Airport.

After reviewing low flying aircraft and excessively loud aircraft noise complaints, and having discussions with complainants, we have determined that aircraft noise can be greatly minimized by adhering to the following guidelines.

Utilize the entire length of the runway; do not request intersection departures.

Typically an aircraft can reach an altitude that minimizes the noise impact to the surrounding residential areas by using the entire length of the runway for departures (most of the noise stays on the airport). 

Follow the established traffic pattern; do not make an early cross wind turn on departure.

Aircraft that remain in the established traffic pattern during departure typically reach an altitude (before the cross wind turn) that will minimize the noise impact to the surrounding residential areas.

Maintain the lowest propeller RPM setting necessary for safe flight; do not over power your aircraft.

Flying with the lowest practical RPM setting will reduce the aircraft’s noise level substantially, especially when conducting training flights.

Plan training activity during daytime hours; do not conduct training activities (touch & goes) during late night hours.

Plan touch & goes during daytime hours; late night arrivals or departures are one time events and do not have the constant noise impact as compared to closed traffic.

By following these guidelines, aircraft noise over the adjoining residential neighborhoods will be effectively reduced.  The Airport is not suggesting the use of any unsafe practices but encourages a more conscious effort to help Merrill Field Airport be a good neighbor.

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