Merrill Field

Merrill Field - Alaska's First Official AirportMerrill Field is a Commercial Service airport. Merrill Field was established in 1930 one mile east of downtown Anchorage on 436 acres. This was the first real airport in Anchorage. The airport bears the name of Russel Hyde Merrill.  Russel Merrill was an early Alaskan aviation pioneer who disappeared in September 1929 on a flight to Bethel. The first aviation beacon in the Territory of Alaska was located at Merrill Field and was dedicated on September 25, 1932 to the honor of Russ Merrill.

The recent master plan in 2016 and the previously vetted 2019 projects included

  1. Reconstruct General Aviation (GA) Apron TWY C south, 
  2. Install TWY Lighting & Signage TWY C, 
  3. Acquire Safety and/or Security Equipment  Phase 5, 
  4. Acquire Snow Removal Equipment (Motor Grader & Dump Truck), 
  5. Conduct Miscellaneous Planning study (Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Issues and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update), 
  6. Remove Obstruction-Sandoval property, 
  7. Acquire Land for Development (City Electric), and 
  8. Airport Access Road (Merrill field drive).

In consultation with the MAAAC, the airport manager’s office has opted to push project numbers 1, 3, and 4 out to 2024 and beyond. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, a 3 year pause in accepting AIP grants is seen as being critical to building a reserve to meet future AIP match requirements. Additionally, the airport managers office has opted to postpone numbers 6&7 indefinitely.  The FAA has selected numbers 2, 5, and 8 for 2019 and 2020.

The purpose of the public hearing on August 6th is to re-appropriate funds, specifically to add/substitute number 8, the airport access road design, to the 2019 Merrill Field Capital Improvement Budget (CIB).

MRI $4.5M Land Exchange Accounting

Safe Operations at Merrill Field

MRI Business Location Map

MRI Aerial Photo, 2012

MRI Layout Plan 2017


MRI (PAMR) -- N61°12.86' by W149° 50.77' "370 miles South of the Arctic Circle"


  1. Provide an environment that meets the needs of the general aviation community
  2. Encourage private business
  3. Promote economic development
  4. Maintain a viable financial position and
  5. Be a good neighbor within our community.

Merrill Field Frequencies

  • ATIS 124.25
  • ASOS  (907) 272-0542
  • Clearance Delivery -- 121.70
  • Tower Primary (CTAF) 126.00     
  • Ground Control -- 121.70
  • Tower Secondary 127.55  use only when directed

Approach / Departure Control

 North: 119.10  --  South: 126.40

Control Tower Information


  • May 1 - August 31: 7 AM - Midnight

  • Sept. 1 -  April 30: 7 AM - 10 PM


  •  ATCT Manager: (907) 271-2698


Kenai AFSS

  • 122.55 -- 122.30 -- 122.20
  • (866) 864-1737  --  (800) WX-BRIEF


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