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AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup

If you find a lost cat or dog and the animal’s tags include a microchip number tag, or you have brought the lost pet to a clinic that found a microchip when they scanned the animal, you can use the Universal Microchip Lookup Tool (UMLT) link below to determine if there is owner information linked to the chip and how to call the microchip company to get that information. The UMLT provides an easy way for pet owners, veterinary clinics, and animal care and control agencies to enter a microchip number and then view search results of which microchip registry the chip has been enrolled in (if a pet has been enrolled in multiple registries, the registry with the most recently updated data will appear at the top of the search results).This American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) created Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool takes the guesswork out of contacting the appropriate registry, and thus can help speed the reuniting of a lost pet with its family. Click on the link below to be connected to the UMLT website.

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