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Animal Care & Control

Owner Surrendering Pets

If you live within the Municipality of Anchorage and are no longer able to keep your pet, you can surrender your animal to Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center.

We can not guarantee that your animal will be either made available for adoption or adopted.  

Because it is our goal to adopt behaviorally-sound and healthy animals to the community, all animals are assessed for health and behavior before being placed up for adoption. 

Based on the assessment there is the possibility that your animal may not be placed up for adoption at our shelter. For animals who will be better served by a private adoption group we attempt to place them with a partnering adoption organization. Some animals may be humanely euthanized. 

The following conditions MAY result in your animal's inability to be placed up for adoption.

  • Aggression toward humans or other animals.
  • The animal is a threat to itself or other animals.
  • Unable to safely house or handle.
  • History of biting.
  • Cage or kennel regression.
  • Severe health problems.  

When you arrive or before you bring your animal:

While your animal is with us, he or she will be provided with a warm kennel, bedding, toys, exercise and socialization (by our volunteers).

Behavior Help

Animals are often surrendered because a family is frustrated with a specific behavior. Often times, there is help for these behaviors. Here are some online resources that address common behavior concerns:

Pet Behavior Library from Denver Dumb Friends League
Virtual Pet Behaviorist from ASPCA
Pet Behavior Library from the Animal Humane Society

Owner requested Euthanasia

Animal Care and Control  provides low cost euthanasia services for owners in the Municipality of Anchorage that can not afford to have this done elsewhere.  We apologize but due to the limitations of providing this service at a low cost, owners are not able to be with their pets when they are euthanized nor is euthanasia available on Sundays.

If you bring your pet to us for euthanasia:

If you have further questions about owner surrendering your animal for adoption or euthanasia, please call our Customer Service line:  343-8122.

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