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Adopting a Pet

When you adopt a pet from the Animal Care and Control Center you are making a lifelong friend as well as saving a life. Animal Care and Control has a variety of animals for adoption. We often have kittens and puppies, mixed breed, and purebred animals. Many pets at the Animal Care and Control Center are waiting for new homes because they were obtained by someone with unrealistic expectations of the time, effort, and money required to sustain a lifelong relationship with their pet. Animals at Animal Care and Control are eager to find a new home and are just waiting for someone like you.

When animals are relinquished by owners, we make every attempt to collect a thorough history of that pet. Staff and volunteers try to learn as much as they can about all the animals in our care. Care is taken to place the animals at the Animal Care and Control Center in safe, loving, permanent homes. Adopting a pet is a decision that should be considered carefully. Don't be discouraged if you do not find the right pet for you the first time you visit the shelter. We receive new animals every day.

All dogs and cats adopted from the Center are required to be spayed or neutered and microchipped. Spaying and neutering assists in reducing the number of unwanted pets coming into animal shelters. A microchip provides permanent identification to help return pets home in case they become lost. If the adopted pet is not already spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, it will be spayed or neutered at the shelter or a spay/neuter deposit will be collected and refunded upon proof the spay/neuter is completed.

The Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center participates in the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program. You can learn from about the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love Program here:

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