Community Compost

Community Compost sites will reopen
Tuesday, May 4!

​Please note SWS is changing finished compost distribution in 2021. Finished compost will only be available on certain days each month on a first come, first serve basis.​

Food Scrap drop-off will be open DAILY Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 4 through Oct. 30, 2021.​

Find more information on Compost Pick-Up​ Days here​.

How it works​​​

Step 1: Store your accepted food scraps indoors (we recommend using a 5-gallon bucket). In 2021 no yard trimmings (grass, leaves, small branches) will be accepted at the community compost drop-off sites. Yard trimmings are accepted in the Curbside Organics (pink cart) program. 

You may store food scraps in any compostable bag that meets ASTM D6400 standards​. These include:

Step 2: Drop-off up to two 5-gallon buckets of food scraps at a time of ​your convenience to​ either the Anch​orage Regional Landfill (15500 Eagle River Loop Road) or the Central Transfer Station (54th and Juneau). 

Drop-offs open DAILY Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m​.
May 4- Oct. 30, 2021​

Compost Pick-Up Days

​As part of participation in the program, participants are eligible for up to 10 gallons of free finished compost per household per month. Compost is first come, first served and is not guaranteed. You must bring your own bucket or container to collect free compost.​​

Finished compost will only be available on the following days:

Anchorage Regional Landfill:
Third Tuesday of each month (May-September)
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Central Transfer Station:
Third Thursday of each month (May-September)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

NOTE: Summer traffic at the Central Transfer Station can be heavy and lead to long wait times. Please be prepared for a possible wait.


​May 18
​Anchorage Regional Landfill
​May 20
​Central Transfer Station
​June 15
​Anchorage Regional Landfill
​June 17
​Central Transfer Station
​July 15
​Central Transfer Station
​July 20
​Anchorage Regional Landfill
​August 17
​Anchorage Regional Landfill
​August 19
​Central Transfer Station
​September 16
​Central Transfer Station
​September 21
​Anchorage Regional Landfill

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