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Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map Update (2015)

updated August 24, 2015

 The Long-Range Planning Section will soon release a draft of the Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map for review.  The LUPM, as it’s fondly known, is an amendment to the Anchorage 2020 Comprehensive Plan that helps achieve its goals over the next 20 years.

The updated LUPM has two essential functions:

  • Designate the future location and intensity of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development throughout the Anchorage Bowl; and,
  • Help ensure Anchorage's growing population will have adequate housing, employment, education, and recreation opportunities.

Even though Anchorage 2020 set a new direction for long term development in the Anchorage Bowl in 2001, there has been no LUPM formally adopted since 1982. In 2006 the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) conceptually approved an updated LUPM, but the Assembly decided to put off adoption of the map until the land use code, Title 21, was revised.

The 2015 update of the map builds on the 2006 map, and includes all the land use changes since then, such as rezonings, neighborhood and district plans, and the latest estimates of needs for residential, industrial and commercial lands until 2040. 

The LUPM is not a zoning map; it provides long-term generalized policy guidance and a legal basis for future changes to the city's zoning map.

Here’s how to get involved:

Anticipated Timeline

April – August  Consult with stakeholders, agencies, and the
Planning and Zoning Commission 
September 4  Release Public Review Draft for comment
September Stakeholder input, public meetings, consultations
October 16 Release Public Hearing Draft
November  PZC Public Hearing, deliberations
December Assembly Introduction

Click here for more details on the 2015 map update.

2006 Archives   

The 2006 LUPM update incorporated the Anchorage Bowl's Land use patterns and goals from the Anchorage Bowl 2020 Comprehensive Plan as well as predictions for growth and development needs. It included an extensive public involvement process.  To see where we've come, take a look at these links to the 2006 LUPM documents and public participation process.

2006 Draft Land Use Plan Map Narrative, (Approved in concept by PZC)

2006 Draft Land Use Plan Map 11"x17"  (Approved in concept by PZC)

Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map Narrative Report (January 2006 draft) 

Planning and Zoning Commission Resolution 2006-035 Recommending Concept Approval of the Land Use Plan Map

2006 Community Participation

The first phase of the public participation process for the 2006 LUPM reached a milestone with PZC concept approval in 2006. Ten public meetings including Assembly and PZC worksessions were held during the first phase. Four of the public meetings were regional roundtable discussions with stakeholders in specific subareas of the Bowl. A joint public hearing on concept approval was held before the PZC and Assembly April 27, 2006.

            Issue/Response Summary (June 5, 2006)

            Issue/Response Summary Addendum (June 28, 2006)

            Issue Response Map 11"x17" version

            Minutes of April 27, 2006 Joint Public Hearing

            Comments Received through June 11, 2006

             March 2006 Issue-response memorandum documents 
            Planning's response to public comments received in 

Re-creation of 1982 Generalized Land Use Plan Map

June 2005 Community Discussion Draft Materials

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