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Anchorage Bowl
Land Use Plan Map Project (2016)

The Land Use Plan Map (LUPM) is an amendment to the Anchorage 2020: Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan that helps achieve its goals over the next 20 years.

A community discussion draft LUPM map and narrative report were released in installments beginning on February 29, 2016.  The complete narrative is now available below.  The public comment deadline for the community discussion draft materials was May 27.  The comments will help shape the public hearing draft LUPM.  We will release the public hearing draft LUPM as early as possible, date TBD. 

Land Use Plan Map
Community Discussion Draft 




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The LUPM has two essential functions: 1) Designate the future location and intensity of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional development throughout the Anchorage Bowl; and 2) help ensure Anchorage's growing population will have adequate housing, employment, education, and recreation opportunities.

The LUPM has not been formally updated and adopted since 1982. The 2016 update includes all the land use changes since then, such as rezonings, adopted neighborhood and district plans, and the latest estimates of needs for residential, industrial and commercial lands until 2040. 

The LUPM is not a zoning map; it provides long-term generalized policy guidance and a legal basis for future changes to the city's zoning map.

Click here for an earlier 2015 PowerPoint of the project.

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