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Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map Update (2010)

The draft Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map (LUPM) was approved in concept by the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) in 2006. This concept approval by PZC concluded the first part of the public process to update Anchorage's land use plan.  Concept approval leaves the community with additional opportunities to review and revise the Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map until it is formally adopted as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. A revised public hearing draft LUPM will be released in 2010 for the next phase of community review, revision, and approval.  Final Assembly adoption of the Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map is anticipated to occur after final adoption of the Title 21 Rewrite.

Since 2006, the concept-approved LUPM has served as a technical reference for community evaluation of the public hearing draft Title 21 Rewrite. The LUPM indicates where in general the proposed zoning districts may apply in the future. Its generalized land use classifications cross-reference to the potential future implementation zones, such as the proposed R-4A, NMU, CMU and RMU districts.

Below are links to the LUPM documents. Tips for how to use them when reviewing the Title 21 Rewrite follow afterward:

1. Where in general are the zoning districts proposed to apply? To understand where in general a certain Title 21 Rewrite zoning district may be applied in the future, use the table on page 5 of the draft Land Use Plan Map Narrative. This table cross-references between the Title 21 Rewrite zoning districts and the corresponding land use designations of the draft Composite Land Use Plan Map. After finding which land use designation(s) the zoning district might implement, go to the draft Composite Land Use Plan Map to find out where the designation is applied in the Bowl.

2. How do the draft zoning districts relate to the land use designations on the map? Page 4 of the draft Land Use Plan Map Narrative explains the land use designations and their relationship to the implementing Title 21 Rewrite zoning districts. Descriptions of the individual land use designations including each designation's purpose, predominant uses, intensity, physical character and implementing zoning districts appears on pages 6-15 of the draft Land Use Plan Map Narrative.

3. What is the role of the Land Use Plan Map in any future rezonings? The Land Use Plan Map is not a zoning map. It is intended as a source of guidance in future rezonings involving the Title 21 Rewrite zoning districts. Certain parts of the Bowl such as Downtown will have area-specific neighborhood or district land use plan maps. To learn more, read pages 1-3 of the draft Land Use Plan Map Narrative.

4. Where in town does the Land Use Plan Map propose changes in future land use or density? The Changes Map highlights the location of future changes in land use or density from existing zoning, as recommended by the draft Composite Land Use Plan Map.

5. What is the status of the public involvement process for the draft Land Use Plan Map? The concept-approved draft Land Use Plan Map is the result of a public process that culminated in public hearings in 2006. For 2007-2010 during the Title 21 Rewrite public hearings process, the draft Land Use Plan Map has served as a technical reference to help evaluate the draft zoning districts. The public process for the Land Use Plan Map itself is anticipated to resume after provisional adoption of Title 21, with more opportunities to comment and participate in the map in 2010. To learn more about the current status of the draft LUPM, including what concept approval means, read Planning and Zoning Commission Resolution 2006-035 .

LUPM Project - Community Participation Process

The first phase of the public participation process for the LUPM reached a milestone with PZC concept approval in 2006. Ten public meetings including Assembly and PZC worksessions were held during the first phase. Four of the public meetings were regional roundtable discussions with stakeholders in specific subareas of the Bowl. A joint public hearing on concept approval was held before the PZC and Assembly in April 27, 2006. Subsequent to provisional adoption of Title 21, the public review and revision process for the LUPM is anticipated to resume with a revised public hearing draft LUPM.  The public process will then proceed until the LUPM is finally approved. Following is documentation of public comment and response to issues raised so far (i.e., during the 2005-2006 concept approval process):

LUPM Project - Overview

As an essential part of the Comprehensive Plan, the Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map is intended to provide a visual guide for long-term future city growth and development. Anchorage last updated its Generalized Land Use Plan map in 1982. Profound changes in the Anchorage Bowl since that time have effectively outdated the Generalized Land Use Plan map. Although the Anchorage 2020 / Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2001, set a new direction for the preferred form of long-term growth, it did not include a new land use plan. An updated Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map is needed to supplement Anchorage 2020 with more specific policy guidance for the distribution, general location and density of future land use development throughout the Bowl.

  • It designates the future location and intensity of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development throughout the Anchorage Bowl.
  • It helps ensure that Anchorage's growing population will have adequate housing, employment and recreation opportunities.
  • It is not a zoning map; rather, it provides long-term generalized policy guidance and a legal basis for future changes to the city's zoning map.

2006 Public Hearing Draft Documents

Anchorage Bowl Land Use Plan Map Narrative Report (January 2006 draft)

Land Use Plan Maps (11" x 17") (January 2006 draft)

Large Scale Land Use Plan Maps (34" x 44") (January 2006 draft)

These files are very large andmay take a few minutes to open.

Map of Recommended Changes in Land Use or Density (January 2006 draft)

Issue-Response Memorandum This memorandum documents the Planning Department's response to each public comment on the June 2005 community discussion draft Land Use Plan Map.

Technical Report Documents

Technical Report Narrative

Map of Existing Land Use

Map of Vacant and Redevelopable Lands

Re-creation of 1982 Generalized Land Use Plan Map

Project Archives

June 2005 Community Discussion Draft Materials

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