​​​​​​​​​R-4A Zone Mixed-Use Text Amendment

R-4A Example 2.pngR-4A Example 1.png​This project updates and simplifies the mixed-use zoning regulations in Title 21 for the R-4A zoning district, the densest residential zoning district in Anchorage outside of Downtown.

This Title 21 text​ amendment aims to achieve the following:

  • Consolidate and simplify the R-4A district's development standards.
  • Allow a higher proportion of commercial uses in residential mixed-use developments without extra reviews.
  • Allow a wider range of commercial uses that contribute to the urban mixed-use residential context.
  • Supplement the minimum housing density requirement with incentives to provide even more housing.
  • Enable phased de​velopments to construct some commercial space prior to the accompanying residential uses.
  • Vary design standards by primary and secondary street frontages, with more lenient standards on secondary frontages.
  • Simplify the process for increasing building heights while reducing shadowing.

This project helps carry out Action 3-1 of the Anchorage 2040 Land Use Plan to “Amend Title 21 to simplify zoning regulations for mixed-use projects relative to commercial or other projects."

Current News: October 16, 2020

A community discussion draft of the R-4A zone mixed-use text amendment has been released for public review and comment. The public review materials are provided below. Please send your comments to anchorage2040@muni.org by December 11, 2020.​ 

Comments may also be submitted by mail to the address shown in Review Item B, or via fax on 907-343-7927. The Planning Department will use feedback from the community discussion draft to​ prepare a public hearing draft of this text amendment for further review and consideration.​​

Please contact Tom Davis at tom.davis@anchorageak.gov or 907-343-7916 with any questions about the proposed text amendment or community discussion draft materials.


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