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Mayor's Corner

Whitby, England

Sister City Information

  • Location: Northeast Coast of England
  • Population: 14,500
  • Mayor: Heather Coughlan, elected May 2015
  • Major Industries: Fishing, tourism, and shipping
  • Photo Gallery

Whitby, a historic seaport town on the eastern Yorkshire coast of England, is situated at the mouth of the river Esk.

Whitby is predominantly linked to Anchorage by Captain James Cook, one of the greatest surveyors, sailors, and explorers of all time. Cook’s third voyage (1776-1779) resulted in the navigation of coastal Alaska.  Today identical statues of Cook stand in Whitby and in Anchorage to commemorate his nautical accomplishments.  The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, in Whitby, occupies the 17th Century house where Cook lodged and trained as a sailor prior to his epic voyages of exploration.

Whitby is a charming town with its narrow, winding streets, fishermen’s cottages, beaches, stretches of sea cliffs, and harbors. High on the harbor’s east side are the dramatic ruins of Whitby Abbey, a Benedictine monastery founded by St. Hilda in 657 A.D.

Whitby’s many museums and ancient monuments make the town a popular destination with tourists. For over 150 years Whitby has hosted Regatta Day, an event that attracts thousands of visitors.

Whitby and Anchorage became sister cities in 1978.

    • Mayor's Corner
    • Mayor: Ethan Berkowitz
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 840, Anchorage, AK 99501
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