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Mayor's Corner

Tromso, Norway

Sister City Information

  • Location: Northern Norway
  • Area: 1580 miles²
  • Population: 65,000
  • Mayor: Jarle Aarbakke (appointed 2011)
  • Major Industries: Fishing, tourism, maritime industry
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Located on an island in the northern province of Troms, Norway, Tromso is known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.   The largest city north of the Arctic Circle, Tromso is home to the northernmost university, brewery, and cathedral.

Tromso is at the same latitude as Barrow, Alaska but its climate is not as harsh due to its location near the gulf stream.  This warmer climate keeps Tromso’s port ice-free year round. During the winter "polar nights," the sun does not rise between November 21 and January 21, but, like Anchorage, Tromso experiences the "midnight sun" in the summer months. Also similar to Anchorage, Tromso's northern latitude makes it an ideal location to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Then Mayor Begich welcomed Tromso Mayor Herman Kristoffersen to Anchorage in the winter of 2004, as part of the conference of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors. In January 2008, Mayor Begich met with a Tromso delegation during the World Winter Cities meeting in Greenland, and sent a small delegation of Anchorage officials, including Commissioner Lisa Nelson, to Tromso following the conference. Anchorage also hosted a delegation of Tromso officials in the spring of 2008, to discuss enhanced cultural exchanges and trade between the two communities.

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