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Mayor's Corner

Magadan, Russia

Sister City Information

  • Location: Russian Far East
  • Population: 100,000
  • Mayor: Yuri Fyodorovich Grishan, elected November 2015
  • Major Industries: Shipbuilding, fishing, mining
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Magadan is a remote seaport and industrial city located about 270 miles east of Okhotsk, on Tauisk Bay on the northern shore of the Sea of Okhotsk.  In 1991, Magadan signed as Anchorage’s sixth and most recent sister city.

The city was founded as a penal colony in 1933 near the fishing village of Nagaevo, developing into a large port and center for mining activities in the mountains in the Kolyma Basin.  Magadan is a gateway and support base for the vast gold mining region of the Kolyma mountain range to the north.  As gold mining has declined in recent years, other industries have become more prominent, including shipbuilding and manufacturing.

Magadan is a popular tourist destination today, in part because of its painful association with the Gulag forced labor camps of the Stalin era. In 1996, sculptor Ernst Neizvestny completed the Mask of Sorrow monument, which stands in Magadan commemorating those who died in the Kolmya labor camps during the Soviet purges.

The city has a variety of engineering and mining service industries, geological research institutes, music and drama theaters, a regional museum and a television center. The coastal waters and rivers feature excellent salmon, pike, trout, and perch fishing.

In 2005, Magadan Vice-Mayor Sergey Abramov raised the Russian flag at the Sister Cities Plaza rededication ceremony in Anchorage. Mayor Vladimir Pechyonyi invited members of the Anchorage Sister Cities Commission to attend  Magadan's 70th anniversary in July 2009.

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