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Wildfire Mitigation

Wood Lots 

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Anchorage Wood Lot

The Anchorage wood lot opens on May 5 and runs through September 3. It is located at 100th Ave & C Street, across from Target. Hours of operation are 10AM to 6PM, open everyday except Tuesday and Wednesday. The following fees apply:

$15 for standard pick-up loads (up to 5 cu yards)

$30 for large trucks, trailers (5-10 cu yards)

$3/cu yard for material over 10 cu yards

Please contact the operator, selected through the MOA bidding process, with any questions:

Alaska Land Clearing Contractors

1 (907) 243-6200 

Free mulch is available for pick-up during open hours.

Eagle River Wood Lot

The Eagle River wood lot opens on May 26 and runs through September 2. Hours of operation are 8AM to 5PM Friday and Saturday only. It is operated by the Solid Waste Services Department (SWS) and is located at the Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL) just off Hiland Rd. Please follow all Solid Waste Services guidelines for covering and securing loads. Also, when bringing woody material to ARL, you must deliver this load separately from any trash, otherwise your load will be subject to regular tonnage fees. You must sign in with the attendant on site at the woodlot. Maximum length is 6 feet, no diameter limit. This wood lot is free of charge for residents.

Girdwood Wood Lot

The Girdwood wood lot was open on May 13 and ran through June 3. It is currently closed due to road construction. Tentatively scheduled to reopen in May of 2018. Hours of operation are 9AM to 6PM Saturdays only.  It is privately operated. The site is located at the Industrial Park on Ruane Road (en route to the transfer station). Please secure your load. You must sign in with the attendant on site. Maximum size of material: 6 ft in length, 8 inches in diameter. This wood lot is free of charge for residents.

Rules for the Eagle River Lot:

  • All wood must be secured - no loose material allowed.
  • Wood must be cut in 6 foot lengths or less.
  • Brush and woody debris from the clearing of defensible space from wildfire only.  No lot clearing.
  • Please make a separate trip for garbage & recycling! Mixed loads (garbage, recycling, woodlot) will be charged for dumping.
  • No flatbed or dump style commercial vehicles allowed at woodlot.
  • Do not gather firewood at the AFD/SWS woodlots. Scavenging is not allowed.
  • Residential loads only.
  • Trailers may be used by private residential customers.
  • No stumps, garbage, lumber or construction materials.
    • Wildfire Mitigation
    • Forester: John See
    • 4700 Elmore Road
    • (907) 267-4902