Wildfire Mitigation

Firewise Home Assessment Program


  • Reduce life and property losses from wildland-urban interface fire by treating privately owned forested areas to limit fire spread and intensity. 
  • Educate homeowners about Firewise principles to reduce the potential for structural ignitions from brush fires.
  • Improve the health of local forested public lands by thinning and pruning conifer trees to enhance vigor and encourage regeneration.
  • Provide information about safe burning practices, emergency preparedness, and forest stewardship.

Program Overview

For residents living in neighborhoods exposed to wildfires, AFD provides on-site visits to offer specific recommendations for vegetation management and Firewise home maintenance. Through llimited  federal funding assistance, AFD can provide for 50% reimbursement up to a maximum of $500 to remove dead, beetle killed spruce and densely growing coniferous trees from private property. The primary goal is to reduce the potential for homes to ignite during a wildfire.

The potential for home ignition is determined by the “home’s fuel characteristics and the heat sources within 100-200 feet adjacent to a home” (Cohen 2000). Treating the fuels in this area can reduce the severity of fire behavior by limiting the amount of combustible material. Forest fuels in Southcentral Alaska account for the trees, shrubs, and grass in your yard that can burn toward your home and ignite any combustible materials on or around your home.

How to sign up

AFD will provide this service on a first come – first serve basis to homeowners while funding is available.  Due to the overwhelming number of applicants in 2019 we will continue to work through those before accepting applications for 2020

Step 1:   Complete the Application & Agreement form at this link.

Step 2:   When your application is received, AFD staff will make an appointment to meet with you on your property. During the assessment, you will be provided with the completed Firewise Home Assessment Form with recommendations on how to make your home Firewise.

Step 3:    Homeowners must obtain two estimates from the Contractor Referral List. Once the tree work is completed, the homeowner pays the entire invoice total to the contractor. Then, the homeowner submits the paid invoice and the two bids to AFD.

*Steps 1 – 3 must be completed within 60 days of the home assessment to receive reimbursement. Invoices submitted later than October 31, 2019 will not be reimbursed.

Step 4:   AFD will revisit the home or property to document with photos and conduct a quality assurance site inspection to confirm the tree work is completed to the standard specified by AFD. If all requirements are met, the reimbursement will be processed within 60 days. 

For more information, Email:  Wildfire@muni.org

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