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Assembly Ordinances for Public Hearing

​On September 20, 2021 the Assembly introduced and set for public hearing on September 28, 2021 AO 2021-91 regarding public health safety measures for the COVID-19 pandemic and AO 2021-92 regarding amending AMC 2.30.095, 3.20.020, and Chapter 3.30 regarding Mayoral appointments to principal executive or department head positions and Assembly confirmation.

​For public notice information please go to the Publ​ic Notices page.​

Welcoming Anchorage

​​​Welcoming Anchorage is a collaboration between the Municipality of Anchorage, local businesses, and organizations, that strives to reinforce Anchorage as a place proud of our heritage and poised to position ourselves as a globally competitive, culturally vibrant 21st century community.

Resilient Anchorage

A resilient city bounces back from acute shocks and tackles chronic stresses. Anchorage is becoming more resilient by building a sustainable city, mobilizing volunteers, engaging partners, and creating a vibrant workforce. Resilient Anch​orage is the place to be!

NEW! Public Portal to Access Assembly Documents​

​The Assembly and the MOA Office of Information Technology have created a Public Portal to access Assembly documents. Access the portal here: Assembly Public Portal to Assembly Documents (muni.org)

Press Release

American Rescue Plan Act

Local Fiscal Re​covery Funds

On May 18, 2021 the Anchorage Assem​​​bly passed AR No. 2021-167(S), As Amended, a resolution appropriating American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Local Fiscal Recovery Funds in an amount not to exceed $51,658,683 and allocating in the same amount to projects and programs, when tendered, to the Federal Direct Grants Fund 241900.

 ​​​Coronavirus Relief Fund

Funding Allocations

Last year, the Anchorage Assembly, Municipal staff, and community partners successfully allocated and distributed around $156 Million dollars from the CARES Act.  During March and April 2021, the Assembly, with input from the public, worked to determine the priorities for the approximately $100 Million expected from the 2021 American Recovery Plan (ARP). Anchorage residents were encouraged to attend meetings, fill out our feedback form with your thoughts, voice your opinions, and contact Assembly members about how to best utilize this funding. ​

You can find an overview of the various public meetings the Assembly hosted HERE.

For other Assembly Actions Regarding COVID-19.

Participate in the Meetings 

Phone Testimony Sign up Deadline

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to sign up to provide testimony over the phone during ​an Assembly meeting is 5 p.m. the day before the meeting. There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony – the Chair will invite the public to speak on a first come basis. Scroll down this page for more information on how to provide testimony to the Assembly over the phone, in writing, or in-person.

Accessing and Participating in Meetings

Assembly Worksessions Page: Upcoming Worksessions, Worksession Materials, Listening to Worksessions

Please see below for instructions on how to provide testimony and general comments by email, over the phone, or in person at the Chambers. 

How to Watch Regular Assembly Meetings

Assembly meetings are streamed and televised. To find meeting agendas or streaming of regular Assembly meetings at the Chambers, please go to http://www.muni.org/watchnow. Please be advised that some items (laid on the table items or floor amendments), may not be on that evening's agenda, but will be projected on the live streaming or Channel 9 during the meetings.

How to Provide Testimony for Regular Meetings  

The Assembly receives public comments during Audience Participation, as well as public testimony on all open public hearings items. Initial Audience Participation (Agenda Section 9) ends at 6 p.m. Final Audience Participation (Agenda Section 16)  lasts, as time allows, until adjournment.

There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony – the Chair will invite the public to speak on a first come basis. Please do not sign up to provide phone testimony if you plan to attend in person.

If you wish to provide written testimony:

The Assembly encourages anyone wishing to provide written Public Testimony to complete the Public Testimony Form by clicking on the below button.

These comments will become part of the Assembly record.

PT Button.jpg 

If you wish to provide testimony on the phone:

Anyone wishing to provide testimony over the phone during a meeting should complete the Public Testimony Form by clicking on the button below by 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting.

PT Button.jpg 

If you signed up for phone testimony before the 5:00 p.m. deadline, you are on our call list. When the Assembly reaches your agenda item, the Clerk will phone you at the number you have provided. You will have 3 minutes to provide testimony on each item you wish to speak on.

These comments will become part of the meeting record.

To make your telephonic testimony more effective, please be consider the following: 

  • The Anchorage Assembly will call you between 5:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight from the following number: (907) 343-4066.
  • Mute your television or the live stream if you are following along. If not, there is a delay and it will echo and will complicate your testimony. 
  • Do not have your phone on speaker. Speaker phones introduce a myriad of extraneous noise into your testimony.
  • Make sure there is limited ambient noise from your location and make sure you are in a location that has good cell service, if you are on a cell. 
  • If you have a headset, please use it. Headsets will give a more consistent signal and reduce room noise.

If you wish to provide in-person testimony:

The Assembly is excited to welcome its neighbors back into the Chambers, with a focus on keeping the community safe. These simple steps can ensure, together, that we keep Assembly members, the administration, and the public safe and healthy in meetings:

  • Unvaccinated person are recommended to wear masks.
  • Unvaccinated individuals are recommended to maintain six feet of physical distancing between non-household members. 
  • Vaccinated persons may wish to wear masks, especially around persons whose vaccination status is unknown. 
  • Vaccinated persons may wish to comply with six feet of physical distancing between non-household members.​

Assembly Priorities and Vision 

As the legislative branch of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Anchorage Assembly is charged with setting policy for the Municipality.

On December 17, 2019 the Assembly passed AR 2019-436, As Amended, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly establishing and adopting the Anchorage Assembly's Vision and Goals for 2019-2021.

The Assembly is pleased to present the 2019-2021 Municipality of Anchorage Assembly Priorities. As always, the Assembly appreciates any feedback you may have. You can find personal Assembly member contacts at Your Assembly Members or you can email all Assembly members at wwmas@muni.org.

2019-2021 Assembly Priorities and Vision Working Document 

First Quarterly Newsletter of the Anchorage Assembly


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Assembly Events Calendar 

2021 Regular Assembly Meeting  Schedule

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View Municipal Code

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Anchorage Roadmap to Recovery

Providing the public with a sense of what public health restrictions may be implemented at varying COVID-19 risk levels. 



History of the Municipality of Anchorage

The Municipality of Anchorage - A Brief Overview 


Alcohol Tax Public Process and Proposed Alcohol Tax Legislation

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