Tow Operator License

  • AMC 9.54 regarding Tow Procedures
  • AMC 10.54 regarding Tow Operator License
  • Application Fee:  $150 (one sticker included)  
    • $50 PPI Endorsement
    • $20 each additional vehicle
  • Term:  1 Year (January 1st through December 31st)

Provide the following with your application:

Must be notarized
Must be current
  • Proof of State Vehicle Registration for each vehicle 
Required for each vehicle
  • Proof of Insurance

AMC 10.54.040 for Coverage Amounts

The Municipality of Anchorage must be listed as the certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

  • Office Signage
Must have copy/picture of business sign

Applicant for Private Party Impound Endorsement must also provide:

  • Impound Yard As-Built
Must have copy of original
  • Storage Lot Signage
Must have copy/picture of sign used in privately owned area
  • PPI Information Sheet
Must have rate sheet

Additional Information:

How Can We Help You?

APD Rotational Tow Program:

For more information on the Rotational Tow Program or to apply, please contact the Anchorage Police Department.