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Massage Practitioner

Provide the Following with your Application
Application  Applications Must be Notarized
State of Alaska Business License   Must be Current
Certification and Transcripts

Certificate and Transcripts must be from a State Accredited School Showing at least 500 hours of supervised instruction.


Current Certification as a Massage Therapist by a National Certification Board or National Certification Program.
State of Alaska Background Check Mail or Hand Deliver State of Alaska Background Check Application to: Department of Public Safety 5700 E Tudor Rd (2nd Floor) Anchorage, AK 99507

Background Check must be Faxed by the Department of Public Safety Directly to the Clerk's Office.

    • Licensing
    • Municipal Clerk: Barbara A. Jones
    • 632 West 6th Avenue Ste 250 Anchorage, Ak 99501
    • 907-343-4316