Anchorage is a modern city of approximately 283,000. Located in southcentral Alaska, Anchorage is the hub of the state’s communication, transportation, health care, finance, and trade industries. These industries are constantly improving by upgrading technologies, providing competitive services, and offering new services.

As the largest city in Alaska, a young, educated workforce populates Anchorage. The median age is 32.4 years, and 32.8% of residents 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This combination spells success for businesses, and individuals alike, with the median household income at $63,656 compared to the national average of $48,451.

Anchorage provides all the amenities and conveniences of a large city, but leaves behind the normal congestion and hectic pace. It’s where having coffee while browsing the Internet wirelessly, calling home on your cell phone from one of the city’s trails, or developing your retirement plan with an educated professional, is all possible. Anchorage is the place where the modern and the wilderness coexist and create a great place to live and do business. 


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