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People Mover

Advertising on People Mover

Drivers and pedestrians are a captive audience to bus advertising. They can't turn the TV channel, switch the radio station, or turn the newspaper page. It's a dominant exposure that has proven itself again and again with hundreds of satisfied customers. For your next advertising campaign, consider bus advertising.

For advertising to be placed through 6/30/2015, contact:

Pete Eberhardt
Eberhardt Advertising
308 G. St. Suite 318
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 272-1505
FAX: (907) 272-1505

For advertising to be placed starting 7/1/2015, contact:

Yael Kaufman
Alaska Channel
Phone: (907) 777-7700

Individual bus signs can be designed and produced by a variety of vendors, however signs shall adhere to guidelines in current People Mover Bus Sign Procedures.

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