There's a special mystique to Alaska.  The name conjures up adventure, raw natural beauty -- glaciers, mountains and seas, unmatched the world around -- fascinating wildlife, a  unique cultural heritage, and independent, pioneering people. As you plan your next adventure or your next convention or business meeting, it's time to consider Alaska.  As you venture north, Anchorage will provide the ideal gateway to most that Alaska offers.

Here you will find first-class hotels and quaint B&B's, four-star restaurants and small cafes, an outstanding Museum of History and Art and a multitude of other fun activities.  It's a great place to get ready to fish, hunt, climb and camp.

Alaska is one-fifth the size of the continental US; so you won't see it all in one visit.  Start with Anchorage.  Base your expedition here, summer or winter, and do your exploring from Anchorage.

To discover how to get here, where to stay and what to do, we suggest you explore the travel and visitor information links below.