Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Eligibility

AnchorRIDES ADA paratransit service is reserved for individuals experiencing disabilities that prevent them from using People Mover, the fixed-route bus system. The presence of a disability alone does not make someone eligible. Additionally, eligibility is not based on income, inability to drive, or the lack of availability or inconvenience of fixed-route (People Mover) services. Eligibility is based on the applicant's functional capabilities.

The AnchorRIDES Eligibility Office makes ADA paratransit eligibility decisions using the federal regulations of Americans with Disabilities act of 1990, Title 49 – Transportation, Subpart F 37.123 and 37.125 covering ADA paratransit eligibility standards and process. The ADA requires that paratransit service be provided only to those people whose disability prevents them from getting to and from bus stops, boarding the bus, and independently navigating the system. Therefore, all people seeking eligibility for ADA paratransit service must go through the eligibility determination process.

Eligibility assessments are conducted at: 3625​ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Call (907) 343-6543, option 2 for an appointment today!

Eligibility Appeals

After completing the assessment process and you have received a letter of eligibility, you may appeal the decision within 60 days. Appeals must be filed in writing and submitted to the Public Transportation Department (3600 Dr. MLK Jr. Ave., Anchorage, Alaska  99507). A hearing will be scheduled with the AnchorRIDES Appeal Committee within 30 days after receipt of an eligibility appeal request. The AnchorRIDES Appeal Committee will meet with the denied applicant and conduct a review of all eligibility testimony and materials. If a decision has not been reached 30 days after the hearing, the applicant will receive eligibility for AnchorRIDES from that time until the appeal decision is made. AnchorRIDES service does not have to be provided during previous phases of the appeal.

Senior Citizens Transportation Eligibility

When you arrive at the golden age of sixty (60) years old, or are the spouse of a sixty year old, you're considered eligible for Senior Citizens Transportation. Completion of the AnchorRIDES application is required to provide safe and appropriate transportation services and to obta​in statistical information required for our grants from the State of Alaska, Division of Senior and Disability Services, and the Federal Transit Administration.

After the completed application form is received, we will enter the information into our computerized scheduling system. A letter of eligibility and Rider Guide will be mailed.

Choice Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Eligibility

If you are a recipient of the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Program and interested in having AnchorRIDES as a service provider, contact your Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator can contact the Medicaid Waiver Specialist at (907) 343-6543. An enrollment form and authorized plan of care will need to be received before services can begin.​