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Taku Lake Park South Gateway

​Project Overview

The improvements at Taku Lake Park focus include safety and lighting upgrades and focus around updated fitness, playground, and skatepark amenities. The Taku Lake Park Master Plan, was approved in 2018 and ident​ified community priorities for Taku Lake Park.


Image of Taku Lake fitness equipment

Taku Lake Park is a 53-acre park along the Campbell Creek Greenbelt in Anchorage's Taku/Campbell neighborhood. The park features natural areas such as Taku Lake, Campbell Creek, and wetland and riparian habitats, as well as developed facilities including tennis courts, a skate park, a pic​nic shelter, open space, adult fitness equipment, a rain garden, and trails.​ 

In 2020, a donation from AARP aided in the installation of the FitLot adult exercise equipment system. During the summer of 2022, a certified fitness instructor offered classes twice a week.

The project team is working towards 2023 improvements centering around a new skatepark. This facility will become Anchorage's largest and most expansive skate park and will include flow and plaza-style features.

Taku Timeline
  • 2014: Playground destroyed by arson
  • 2016: Master planning begins
  • ​2018: Master Plan approved by Parks and Recreation Commission and Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • 2019: Public outreach, planning, and design begins for South Gateway
  • 2020: Fitlot equipment installed
  • 2022: Site plan finalized for skate park
  • 2023: Construction of skate park


Project funding:
  • 2016: Voter approved bond focused on planning passes for $400,000
  • 2018:
    • Anchorage Park Foundation and Rasmuson donate $350,000
    • Voter approved bond focused on design passes for $220,000
  • 2019:
    • Anchorage Park Foundation is awarded Tony Hawk Foundation Grant for $10,000
    • Blue and Gold Skate Shop is awarded Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant for $40,000
  • 2020: Voter approved bond for construction passes for $500,000
  • 2021: Voter approved bond for construction passes for $500,000
  • 2022: To date the​ Blue and Gold Skate Shop with the Anchorage Skatepark Coalition raised $80k for construction of the skate park for 2019 Challenge Grant match.
  • Total funds for the project are $2.1 million

Project Information


Current status: Contracting/Bidding​

Anticipated completion: Summer 2023


8200 Stormy Place (View Map)


Taylor Keegan, Landscape Architect


Last Update​d September 1, 2022