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Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouse

Did you know that the Horticulture Section is not only responsible for the production of the thousands of plants utilized in landscaping and beautifying Anchorage but also has a tropical greenhouse with fish pond and aviary open to public view and can be rented for small weddings or other special events? The Section is responsible for:

  • Planting and maintaining 461 flower beds and baskets with more than 76,000 annual flowers at 81 sites.
  • Operating 10 plant production greenhouses totaling 52,000 sq. ft.  
  • Maintaining 179 tree/shrub landscape sites containing 21,600 trees, 39,525 shrubs, 1,135 perennials, and 3,007 feet of hedge.
  • Mowing and fertilizing 215 acres of turf at 96 sites and along 79.4 miles of road right-of- way.
  • Irrigation of all of the above flower beds, containers, landscape sites, and turf sites.
The Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouses:
  • tropical greenhouse is open for public viewing 8am to 3:30pm seven days a week
  • is disabled accessible
  • has a fish pond & small aviary
  • is especially suited for elementary school-age children
  • is a unique setting for small weddings or functions (rentals available from 9am to 3 pm)
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Horticulture: Marcy Lebrun