Title 21 Rewrite

Title 21 

The following chapters of Title 21 contain all ordinances approved through June 18, 2019:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  General Provisions

Chapter 2:  Boards, Commissions, and Municipal Administration

Chapter 3: Review and Approval Procedures

Chapter 4:  Zoning Districts

Chapter 5:  Use Regulations

Chapter 6:  Dimensional Standards and Measurements

Chapter 7:  Development and Design Standards

Chapter 8:  Subdivision Standards

Chapter 9:  Girdwood

Chapter 10:  Chugiak-Eagle River

Chapter 11:  Signs

Chapter 12:  Nonconformities

Chapter 13:  Enforcement

Chapter 14:  Rules of Construction and Definitions

Anchorage Municipal Code of Regulations Title 21 (AMCR)

Areas Excepted from the New Title 21 

Applications for entitlements under Title 21 filed on or after January 1, 2014 for properties within the following areas/zoning districts shall continue to be reviewed under the "old code":

  • B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C zoning districts, until new land use regulations for the areas in these districts in Downtown Anchorage are adopted and implemented.
  • Land within the property boundaries of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, until a new airport zoning district is adopted and the airport lands area rezoned.
  • The D-2, B-4, and T zoning districts, until rezoned. 

"Old" Title 21 regulations ("old code") can be found on the Internet at municode

A draft economic impact analysis (EIA) on the rewrite has been released and is currently before the Planning and Zoning Commission for public hearing. The second hearing on the EIA is scheduled to a tentative date of August 4, 2008.
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