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Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) ithe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Anchorage Bowl and Chugiak-Eagle River areas. Every metropolitan area with a population of more than 50,000 residents must have a designated MPO in order to qualify for federal hi​​​ghway or transit assistance. AMATS is the balanced, cooperative, coordinated and comprehensive process between the Municipality​ and the ​State.

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2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - Amendment 1

A 30-Day Public Comment Period is going on now! 

Reason for the Amendment: The Alaska Cargo and Cold Storage warehouse facility project is in part funded with Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) federal grant funding from 2020. A project receiving BUILD funding must be consistent with State and local plans, including the long-range transportation plans of Metropolitan Planning Organization such as AMATS. As such this project must be added to the 2040 MTP through this amendment. 

  1. Emailing your comments to amatsinfo@anchorageak.gov.
  2. Sending your comments by mail to: Permit & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road P.O. Box 196650, Anchorage AK 99519-6650

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - Project Nominations

The nominate period is open until July 11th!! 

  1. What Issue Does the Project Address?
    1. Improves Safety
    2. Adds a Network Connection
    3. Fixes an Existing Road or Path
    4. Improves Mobility
    5. Reduces VMT
  2. Project Description (If you know that the project is part of an area-wide plan, please list the plan).
  3. Project Location (Please locate the specific intersection or road segment if applicable)
  1. Use the Interactive map
  2. Emailing your comments to amatsinfo@anchorageak.gov.
  3. Sending your comments by mail to: Permit & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road P.O. Box 196650, Anchorage AK 99519-6650

Need ideas on where to look for projects to nominate? Look at:

  • Current 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Non-motorized Plan – the recommendations layers are available in the interactive map below!
  • Any adopted Plan within the AMATS area (including neighborhood or district plans)

Projects that will be INCLUDED in the 2050 MTP
(you do not need to nominate these projects):

  • 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) - anything that is approved for the final 2023-2026 TIP (short-term plan) must be integrated into the 2050 MTP (the long-term plan)
  • State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) projects for the AMATS area

Projects that will be NOMINATED for 2050 MTP
(you do not need to nominate these projects):

1. 2023-2026 TIP projects nominated but not included in final TIP - staff will include these projects, save your time and do not resubmit.

2. Capital Improvement Program (CIP) - staff will include the top 3 projects from Community Councils within the AMATS Boundary.​

Questions or Comments?

Project Managers
Aaron Jongenelen, AMATS Project Manager
Van Le, AICP, R&M Consultants, Inc. 
Consultant Project Manager

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Instructions for Joining the Virtual Meeting:

  1. Join the meeting using the link provided above from a computer, if possible, to see any meeting materials presented during the meeting. 
  2. If you do not have computer audio, you may call in to the meeting using the phone number and conference ID provided above
  3. Please wait and staff will admit you into the meeting
  4. Please mute your microphone during the meeting unless you are providing public testimony. To mute/unmute the microphone on your phone press *6
  5. To ask a question or make a comment about one of the agenda items; use the Teams control icons to Raise Your Hand or place a written comment in the chat box. You can also wait until the Chair of the committee asks for public comments.



Alaska Statewide LRTP Virtual Public Meeting #2

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