Mayor Bronson Introduces FY 2023 Budget


Mayor's Office



September 30, 2022

Mayor Bronson Introduces FY 2023 Budget

Budget Reflects Investment in Public Safety and Continuation of Core Services

Anchorage, AK ­– Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today announced his proposed FY 2023 budget, which reflects the administration's investment in public safety and the continuation of core services in the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA). The 2023 operating budget will provide essential city services and ensure public safety. These crucial services and operations will be delivered while staying under the tax cap by $4.8 million. Though the 2023 budget has increased compared to the 2022 budget, the increase is far below the rate of inflation. Everything from fuel, ammo, parts, and protective gear for our emergency responders has become more expensive over the last year. The administration will actively manage government spending and strive for continual efficiencies in operations on an ongoing basis.

“During the development of the 2023 operating budget, I instructed departments to deliver a continuation budget," said Mayor Bronson. “Most of the budget increases were required due to contractual obligations, commodity cost increases due to market factors, or will directly translate into long term government efficiency and cost savings. While our residents face economic adversity, specifically with the upward pressure of inflation, I am committed to protecting the taxpayer through these financially uncertain times. While residents tighten their belts, so must their government. We look forward to the community's feedback on the proposed budget, and welcome suggestions for how we can improve the delivery of services we all rely on."

Key items of interest in Mayor Bronson's 2023 budget:

  • Investment in public safety (Police, Fire, Prosecutors)
  • Core services remain intact (Police, Fire, Health, Parks and Rec, Street Maintenance)
  • Paying off more debt than is being taken on​

Municipality of Anchorage Plan Moving Forward:

  • Regain our AAA bond rating
  • A focused effort to reduce debt
  • Eliminating unnecessary and burdensome government policies, regulations, and practices
  • Reducing the cost of government services to the taxpayers through the consolidation and streamlining of services.
  • Lowering property taxes

Click here for the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget.  

Media Contact: Corey Allen Young, Communications Director, Mayor's Office,, 907-229-4150