Criminal Law (Prosecution)

The criminal law division prosecutes misdemeanor charges within the city.  These include:

  • DUI/DWLS/DWOI charges against the driver
  • Domestic Violence​
  • Assault
  • Thefts
  • Vehicle tampering

Note regarding DUI/DWLS/DWOI:  Even if the vehicle is released/declined by civil, the charges against the driver are still ongoing and the driver will still have to show up for arraignment.  A bench warrant to arrest the driver will be issued if they do not show up at their arraignment.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday

Office 8AM - 4:30PM / Phone 8AM - 5:00PM


Office & Phone 8AM - 1PM

Closed Municipal Holidays
Phone numbers

Office - 343-4250 / Fax - 343-6689

Information On:

  • Pre-Trial Diversion
  • Generic \ Routine Discovery available
  • APD Officer Breath Test Operator Certificates

                           Expiring 2018

                           Expiring 2017

                           Expiring 2016

                           Expiring 2015

  • Expert Resume's and Curriculum Vitae

                            Steve Dunn

                            Angelica (Angie) Rosales