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​The next Regular Municipal Election is April 2, 2024.

Ballots will be mailed to qualified, registered Anchorage voters three weeks before the election.​

​​​​Interested in Becoming an Election Worker?

​We hire new Election Workers at the beginning of each year. You can view our job posting in December and January on the Municipality of Anchorage ​Job Opportunities page by clicking, HERE. Click on "Current Job Openings" to view the open positions. Our job posting will be titled "Election Worker". To be considered for the position, a person must be registered to vote at a residence in Anchorage and non-partisan, meaning you are not affiliated with any campaigns. ​

Making Anchorage the Best at Vote at Home

Anchorage deserves nothing less than the best in elections. We use pro-voter policies and election best practices to protect your vote. 
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We believe in fair, accurate, and accessible elections. We serve and educate the community by building and sustaining our relationships with voters, election workers, candidates and community partners and increasing public participation in the democratic process of local government.

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Find your District    CLICK HERE


​619 E Ship Creek Ave., Ste. 100, Door D Anchorage, AK 99501