​​Housing & Homelessness​​​

Anchorage's long-standing housing and homelessness challenges reached ​new heights as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid a volatile economic environment​, more community members faced the reality of housing insecurity and homelessness than ever before. ​

Federal funding unlocked untapped resources for addressing our city's immediate housing needs and offered a pathway to long-term solutions. 

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Recovery Spotlight

Covenant House​​ Alaska | $225​​,000

Nationally recognized for their innovative approach to providing young people experiencing homelessness all that they need, Covenant House Alaska provides safe sheltering and social services for youth to grow and flourish into productive young adults. Over 30+ years of service, the organization has grown to become a place of sanctuary where youth experiencing homelessness or human trafficking can be wrapped in critical services to heal.

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Redefining "Homeless Shelter" 

During the pandemic, Covenant House Alaska tracked a significant increase in the number of youth seeking shelter and support services. Minors in particular, aged 13-17, struggled to find housing, access education and find employment opportunities with limited support from OCS and other systems of support. ​

In 2021, $225,000 in ARPA funding distributed to Covenant House Alaska proved critical to developing a stronger model for serving Anchorage's youth populations. The funding fueled the development of a new shelter dedicated to minors: the Minors Accessing Care and Kindness (MACK) Center. By bringing the MACK Center online, Covenant House Alaska created space for young adults in the existing Youth Engagement Center (YEC)​​. An intentional space designed to build community among young people, the YEC offers art, music, exercise, cultural programs and technology in addition to wrap around-services like counseling, education and job opportunities.


Dorm room at Covey Lofts

Rapid Re-Housing Solution 

With a higher capacity to serve young adults at the Youth Engagement Center and a new space to serve minors, Covenant House Alaska served 358 youth in 2021. Driven by a youth-led planning process, Covenant House met an opportunities offered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to develop an innovative solution to youth housing in apartments instead of shelters. The program offers 12 months of rental assistance to help young people achieve job stability and get on their feet. In the first year of implementation, 50 young people gained housing​. ​

I was alone and so scared before I came to Covenant House Alaska. I imagined something like a gym with rows of bunk beds, lots of noise and chaos, but this place is so much better than I could have ever hoped for.”

William, 19, Young Person at Covenant House Alaska​


​Investing in Success

Recognizing the successes of Covenant House Alaska's innovative work addressing housing needs for youth experiencing homelessness or human trafficking, the Anchorage Assembly invested more than $2.3 million using 2022 ARPA federal relief dollars to further develop vocational training opportunities and stable housing services available to young people in need. This effort, called Bridge to Succ​ess, is already underway! 

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​​​Recovery in Action ​​​​​​

Learn where ARPA federal relief dollars are making a difference.


ARPA 2021
ARPA 2022

ARPA 2021​ | American Rescue Plan Act

​Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness​
The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) works with members and partners to design, create, and lead the implementation of the Anchorage community plan on homelessness. ACEH manages the statewide Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) in partnership with the statewide coalition (Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.) With significant additional demand on the HMIS system in response to and recovery from the pandemic, ARPA funding covered an expanded HMIS contract for ACEH f​rom July 2021 to June 2022, allowing the data collection efforts to contiue, expand, and build additional capacity in partnership with COVID efforts and the HMIS Strategic Plan. Learn more about the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) ongoing work with community partners.​

Nine Star Net2Ladder
​​​Nine Star Education and Employment Services delivers services that prevents homelessness and improves the quality of life for all Alaskans. Through the Net2Ladder program, job seekers participate in guided program activities uniquely designed to help individuals improve employment, avoid homelessness, eliminate barriers to employment success, and become financially self-reliant through improved education and employment opportunities. Funding in 2021 matched the recommended HUD Action Plan funding of $150,000 through the Anchorage Health Department for a total funding amount of $300,000, equalling the amount provided under the CARES Act in 2020. Learn more about the Nine Star Net2Ladder program​​.

​Alaska Legal Services
A nonprofit organization providing legal services to clients facing critical civil legal issues ranging from consumer law, family law, housing problems, public benefits, healthcare, Alaska Native law, and other areas specific to veterans or the elderly. 2021 ARPA funding staffed two attorneys for one year, with one dedicated to employment issues and one dedicated to preventing housing instability. Learn more about the Anchorage Youth Court​.

Covenant House Alaska
​​Nationally recognized for their innovative approach to providing young people experiencing homelessess all that they need, Covenant House Alaska provides safe sheltering and social services for youth to grow and flourish into productive young adults. Over 30+ years of service, the organization has grown to become a place of sanctuary where youth experiencing homelessness or human trafficking can be wrapped in critical services to heal. Learn more about the services provided by Covenant House Alaska.

Shelter Stabilization Project​​​
Coordinated Shelter Intake (CSI) is a system built around a central intake process for shelters in a community with the goal of linking persons to both the existing Homeless Response System (HRS) resources and mainstream benefits. A central intake process (virtual or in- person) matches individuals with the resource that best meets their needs. Federal relief funding offered Anchorage citywide services and staff to manage a coordinated shelter stabilization project. Learn more about Shelter Stabilization

Choosing Our Roots 
​A local, nonprofit organization, Choosing Our Roots (COR) ensures that all queer Alaskan youth and young adults have access to safe homes, supportive communities, and opportunities to thrive. COR's housing model relies on community volunteers to host young LGBTQ+ Alaskans experiencing homelessness. Thanks to 2021 ARPA funding, COR purchased a multi-family dwelling unit to provide young adult participants (ages 18-24) temporary housing while awaiting host home placement. Learn more about Choosing Our Roots.​

House of Transformations ​
A partnership between House of Transformations and the Signet Ring Vocational program, ARPA funding was directed to supporitng operational expenses and connecting clients to employment opportunities as a wrap-around service to supplement local addiction treatment. Participants in the Signet Ring program are taught the skills and information required to work not just in Alaska, but throughout the United States. Participants receive hands-on experience in their chosen field, starting with the Signet Ring Core Course, which is designed to prepare an individual who has no knowledge or experience and get them ready to jump right into the job market competing and superseding those who have 4-year degrees. 

​Citywide Housing and Homelessness Supports
An innovative city-wide approach to addressing housing needs throughout Anchorage, this project directed funds to housing and homlessness supports including case management, security deposit support, and rent assistance for citizens unable to access federal rent relief. 

ARPA 2022 | American Rescue Plan Act

​Rasmuson Foundation Hotel Conversions
​ARPA funding is directed through the Rasmuson Foundation for the organization or its designee to purchase low income, extremely low income and permanent supportive housing units. This special project fund may be augmented by private donations.

​Cook Inlet Housing Authority Development Projects
Lump funding was awarded to Cook Inlet Housing Authority for the development of 64 units of affordable housing at the Ch’bala Corners Phase 2, Mountain View Brewster’s Redevelopment, and Coronado Park Townhome projects.

Guest House Permanent Supportive H​​ousing and Workforce Housing
​In an expedited Assembly Resolution (AR) 2022-222, the Assembly distributed ARPA funds to First Presbyterian Anchorage to address immediate, urgent needs related to the Anchorage homelessness crisis. 

​Covenant House Alaska
Having opened in July 2022, ​"Covey Academy" is Covenant House Alaska's (CHA) new Vocational Training + Workforce Housing project in downtown Anchorage. The Academy will bring together an array of partners together in one 20,000 sq. ft. space to offer vocational training and job placement for disadvantaged populations, including homeless youth. "Covey Lofts" are 22 new units of stable housing for homeless youth who can access Covey Academy. These innovative projects will bring together the best partners to strengthen our workforce and spur economic development in Anchorage.

​Providence Alaska House Permanent Supportive Housing
​Providence Alaska House is a 51-unit permanent supportive housing development located in Midtown Anchorage. The project will provide safe housing, supportive services and recuperative care for seniors and elders who have experienced chronic homelessness. ARPA funding responds to the increased construction costs and increasingly competitive funding environment that have emerged since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
​United Way of Anchorage Landlord Housing Partnership
​The Landlord Housing Partnership (LHP) has leveraged funding and relationships to stand up a landlord liaison program. This proposal builds on the groundwork that has been established in the LHP and provides for the next phase of development.
​RurAL CAP Affordable Housing Deferred Maintenance Project
​For nearly two decades, RurAL CAP has implemented services that address the needs of unsheltered individuals in Anchorage. The Supportive Housing team operates sixteen housing facilities in Anchorage, providing housing to hundreds of previously unhoused, special needs, and low-income people per year. Recent assessments indicated that the properties need drastic repairs and, if left uncorrected, 263 units of existing, affordable housing will become unlivable. This project will preserve existing affordable housing for the most vulnerable in Anchorage through necessary capital projects.

​Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness
​Accurate, timely, and complete HMIS data provides a clear understanding of homelessness within the MOA, allowing data-informed decisions at the project and system levels. The Housing Transition Coordinator (HTC) has been identified as a missing resource in the community. The HTC works with service providers; facilitates meetings with landlords, case managers, and clients; supports clients in completing applications and getting documents to meet eligibility requirements; and encourages clients to keep appointments. Flexible bridge funding is needed to navigate barriers to housing and offer solutions that don't fit into other funding streams such as transportation, and fees for ID cards, SSN cards, birth certificates, and rental applications.

​Aviator Hotel Transitional Housing Sup​p​ortive Services Program
​The 2022 Henning, Inc. Transitional Housing Supportive Services Program provides supportive services for Anchorages' at-risk population experiencing homelessness at the Aviator Hotel. Services are provided onsite through our Housing Specialists and Peer Support staff to transition people from the streets or incarceration to stability and success. Our organization is peer led, meaning that staff have lived experience and have dedicated their careers and lives to supporting and improving the lives of people experiencing homelessness, behavioral health, and substance misuse challenges.

​Shiloh Community Housing Fresh Beginning Project
A nonprofit offering affordable housing to low-moderate income families, Shiloh Community Development offers transitional housing for 18-24 year old single adults who may be experiencing homelessness.

​Shiloh Community Community Resource Center
​Shiloh Community Development aquired a space in Mountain View in 2022 to open the Community Resource Center. ARPA funds were directed to provide assistance to the community by disrupting the cycle of homelessness through the Community Resource Center project. ​

​Eagle River Elks Lodge #2682 "Re-homing Veterans" Project
​The Elks currently rehome veterans in the Anchorage bowl. With help from members and the community, the organization has received donations of some household goods and furniture but funding allows for more effective rehoming of veterans to a complete home, giving them a quality of life and serving them as they have served our country.


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