​​Direct Municipal Support

As the COVID-19 pandemic reduced revenue generation and increased operational costs for the Municipality, ​​federal relief dollars offered an opportunity to meet crucial infrastructure and operational needs in Anchorage.

Projects funded within the Municipality of Anchorage work towards the goal of a more effective and efficient local government to provide residents the services they expect.

Recovery in Action ​​​​

ARPA 2021 Dollars in the Community

Increase Library Collection for Homeschool Students

The Anchorage Public Library reported increased demand for homeschooling materials, which crosses subjects and formats, and includes families fully homeschooling and those supplementing school virtual learning. With so many students being home schooled, the Library purchased additional how-to guides, homeschooling philosophies, and educational activity guides, as well as materials for homeschool curriculum reading lists, and popular books, educational books and DVDs, and STEM kits.

Increase Library Digital Materials

​​​The Anchorage Public Library reported a huge rise in demand for digital materials during the COVID-19 closure. Use of the Library's online Worldbook Encyclpedia shot up by 640% between 2019 and 2020 due to additional use by students working from home without access to their school or public libraries, usage of the online learning platform Lynda.com increased by 54% during that time and hoopla (digital books and movie streaming) increased by 51%. While digitial usage slowed somewhat once we began offering curbside pick-up for physical materials, a large group of people have now tranistioned to digital permanently, which will lead to further increased demand for these resources.

100 MiFi Telecommunications Resources at the Library 

This will support low-income customers by checking out MIFIs for a 2 week period of time, which were purchased last year to provide access to people without technology. In 2021, we added chromebooks for checkout and that combined with WIFI will provide easier access for customers to use to apply for ARPA funds, apply for jobs and received additional training. The monthly cost is currently $3,200 and is not a sustainable amount out of the library budget, this request, combined with some library dollars, would cover 2021-2022.

Library POD Furniture

With more workers continuing to work remotely due to COVID, but seeking another alternative to staying at home, this funding offered Chugiak Eagle River Library COVID-aware workstations that allow workers to return to workspace in public areas. 

Child Care Providers Technical Assistance

Funds will provide FTE to provide technical assistance / navigator support to help child care providers access the federal relief and grant opportunities wi​thin the American Rescue Plan Act.

Partial funding for Girdwood Fire and Rescue services

Funds to support increased expenses for Girdwood Fire & Rescue 7 in 2021.

​Amplified Programing for Underserved Communities

A new project to provide diverse and targeted programing for families to recreate in our parks & trails. Funding supported two seasonal positions and funding for nonprofit partners.

iTeam Technical Assistance

​Funds one (1) i-Team FTE dedicated to helping families access federal benefits / relief funding for which they're eligible from the American Rescue Plan Act.

​Anchorage Police Department Training Center
​Available to the Anchorage Police Department for improvements at the Jewel Lake Training Center. In 2017, voters approved bond proposition 6 to complete this work, however, with the rising costs of supplies this project is in need of additional funds to complete the building improvements.

​Anchorage Fire Department EMS Vehicles
​Available to the Anchorage Fire Department to replace Emergency Medical Service (EMS) staff vehicles. This would allow for replacement of vehicles that have excessive mileage, suffer from unreliable performance, and have repairs that exceed the value of the vehicle.

​Permit Fee Relief for Community Programming Partners
​Supplementing fees for nonprofit community partners using Parks and Recreation facilities for aligned programming.

​Public Transit Department
Transit Department funding for Underground Fuel Storage Tank Remediation at Public Transportation facility on Elmore to be used in conjunction with FTA grant funds to replace the fuel storage tank.

​Anchorage Community Development Authority
​As a quasi-governmental agency, Anchorage Community Development Authority was ineligible for any form of federal, state, or local economic relief throughout the pandemic. However, during that time, ACDA contiued to provide its core public services throughout downtown Anchorage despite massive reductions in parking receipts and other revenues.

​Anchorage Health Department Facility Upgrades
​The Anchorage Health Department for facility safety and code upgrades to include replacement of the original antiquated boilers to include; engineering, abatement, and replacement.

​Maintenance and Operations Replacement of Existing Fleet Inventory
​Available to Maintenance and Operations for replacement of existing fleet inventory and have met their useful lives. Vehicles used beyond their useful lives can experience frequent down time and high maintenance costs if not replaced in a timely fashion. This would include replacement for APD, General Government, and Heavy Equipment.​

​Beetle Kill Mitigation
Continuing management of beetle kill in public lands across Anchorage, Eagle River and Chugiak. 

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