Student Art on Buses

Supporting Student's Community Outreach Program

Public Transportation


People Mover                                                                                            
Paula Kangis, Marketing Manager, (907) 343-8491

In a joint effort between People Mover, Eberhardt Advertising and Susitna Elementary, students’ artwork will be displayed on the sides of 10 People Mover buses throughout the next six months.

Susitna Elementary has been doing a Community Outreach Program for the last several years. This year’s theme, Keeping Anchorage Clean and Beautiful, encouraged kindergarten through fifth grade students to design artwork reminding Anchorage citizens to help with the project.

People Mover contracts its bus advertising services to Eberhardt Advertising. “Everyone loves kids’ artwork, so this program was a win-win for us to partner with Susitna Elementary and have them create fun, innovative signs,” says Pete Eberhardt of Eberhardt Advertising. "The students were so excited to work on this proejct and really put a lot of time and effort into their designs," says Ingrid Bodensteiner, Susitna Elementary school teacher.