People Mover

Advertising Specifications

Exterior Bus Signs

40 foot Exterior Bus Signs

Material: 4mm white Corex

Driver Side Outside Dimensions:
120 3/16" x 28 1/16"    Viewable Area:      118" x 26"

Curb Side Outside Dimensions:
96 3/16" x 28 1/16"      Viewable Area:       94" x 26"

Rear Outside Dimensions: 
71 11/16" x 21 9/16"      Viewable Area:    69.5" x 19.5" 

Corner Preparation for ALL Exterior Signs:

Cut 45┬░  corner angle one inch from each corner to facilitate placement in bus sign frame.

Recommended Printing Media for Long Term Signs (more than one month use):

UV Resistant Ink. Pressure sensitive vinyl with over-laminate

Screen printing or 3M Scotchprint® Graphics vinyl

PLEASE NOTE: Paper signs do not hold up well under daily power washing of the buses and road chemicals.  Also, water base inks can fade and run when exposed to outdoor elements.

Interior Bus Signs

Material: .020 Polystyrene or Lexan

40 Foot Bus Interior Sign Dimensions:
28" x 11"     Viewable Area:     27" x 10"

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