People Mover

Bus Advertising Restrictions

There will be a prohibition of advertising of the following:

Any use of obscene, indecent or profane language.

Any performance or exhibition which depicts:

  1. Nudity as defined in Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) section 8.50.010E.2.
  2. Sexual conduct as defined in AMC subsection 8.50.010E.3.,
  3. Sexual excitement as defined in AMC subsection 8.50.010E.4.,
  4. Indecent materials as defined in AMC subsection 8.50.020A.6., or
  5. Is harmful to minors as defined in AMC subsection 8.50.010E.5.

Tobacco Products.

Alcoholic Beverages.

Advertising promoting illegal or unlawful activities as defined by local, state of federal codes, laws and regulations

Political advertising must include the words “Paid for by” followed by the name and address of the entity paying for advertising as described in AS15.13.090.

The Municipality of Anchorage shall not be held liable for vandalized or otherwise damaged signs, which includes possible fading or erasure of sign content due to handling, normal bus washing procedures and/or road chemicals, or loss of signs that release after installation in bus frames.

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