Adopt-A-Stop Duties and Safety Tips

Below are duties and safety tips to consider while maintaining your adopted stop(s). Please follow these tips to be sure that your workday is a safe one.


As an Adopt-A-Stop participant, you're agreeing to:

  • Pick up litter around the site and place in garbage can.
  • Contact Site Enhancement at 907.343.8239 when the trash is full for pick up and removal, or if possible, remove the trash bag from the can and dispose.
  • Report maintenance issues/vandalism, disturbances, safety issues or items left at the bus stop to 907.343.8239

Safety Tips


DO NOT pick up litter in a road, close to the edge of a road, or narrow medians.

DO NOT reach blindly to pick up an item. Use a tool such as a rake or a stick to "identify" the item before grabbing or picking up.

DO NOT pick up litter or empty the garbage without wearing gloves.

DO NOT overexert yourself.

DO NOT strain your back and/or knees when emptying the trash can.

DO NOT pick up broken glass, hypodermic needles or other medical waste.

DO NOT use any kind of chemical to clean the site. All chemicals have to be cleared for use in a public environment. Even dish soap.

DO NOT allow minors to clean the site without a parent or adult supervision present.

DO NOT confront suspicious or unconscious persons. Contact Site Enhancement at 907.343.8239 if you are concerned with someone's behavior.

DO NOT participate under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


DO wear proper clothing and protective gloves when picking up litter.

DO monitor the site(s) regularly, and address no less than once a week.

DO report damaged signs or dangerous conditions to Site Enhancement at 907.343.8239.

DO use a dust pan and broom to sweep up broken glass.

DO contact Site Enhancement if you are unable to lift the bag out of the can, or have any concerns regarding site maintenance.

DO use People Mover supplied bags only for bus stop use. Contact Site Enhancement for refills on supplies.