​Fare and Service Change Public Comment Policy and Procedure


To establish the policy and procedure for soliciting public comments regarding fare and service changes.


It is the policy of the Public Transportation Department (PTD) that an adequate process is in place to solicit and consider public comments before implementing a fare or service change on People Mover and/or AnchorRIDES services.


  • Anchorage Municipal Code 1.25.010 states all meetings of the assembly, the school board and other boards and commissions shall be public as provided in Municipal Charter Section 17.05.
  • AMC 1.25.005 Public Meetings
  • AMC 2.30.030 Meetings
  • AMC 2.30.040 Appearance Requests
  • AMC 2.30.050 Introduction of ordinances; action on ordinances
  • Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation System Public Participation Plan


  • Service Levels: The PTD bases fixed route service on the approved annual operating budget as adopted by the Assembly. Public Hearing procedures are described in Anchorage Municipal Code.
  • Fare Changes: All changes to People Mover and/or AnchorRIDES fares require approval through an Assembly Ordinance. The Assembly approves or vetoes all People Mover and/or AnchorRIDES fare changes according to procedures described in Anchorage Municipal Code.
  • Minor Service Changes: Minor service changes include service increases and schedule or route adjustments that do not meet the major service reduction threshold. A public meeting and/or public comment period are not required for minor service changes. The PTD may hold public meetings to solicit feedback or a public information open house to inform People Mover and/or AnchorRIDES users of the proposed changes.
  • Major Service Reductions:
    Major Service Reductions require a public meeting comment period. A Major Service Reduction is defined as follows:
    • The elimination of a route,
    • A decrease in at least 25 percent of an existing route's pattern, measured in route miles,
    • The reduction in the span of service or frequency of service on any route by at least 25 percent, measured in timetable revenue hours, or
    • The reduction in regular days of service on any route.

            The following activities are not considered a Major Service Reduction:

    1. Service for special events,
    2. Route changes to address construction or road closures, and
    3. Added or reduced service operated during emergencies.
  • Program of Projects:
    The Program of Projects (POP) is the list of projects the PTD is proposing to undertake with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula funds. As required by the FTA, PTD must provide an opportunity for citizens to review and comment on the proposed POP. The Municipality of Anchorage's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process is used to satisfy the public participation and public hearing process of the POP as required in 49 U.S.C. 5307.


  • Public Transportation Department:
    For Public Meetings and/or Public Information Open Houses conducted by the PTD, the Public Transportation Director, or their designee, shall:
    • Assure that meetings and open houses are fair and open,
    • Assure that the meeting place is accessible to the elderly and persons with disabilities,
    • Address significant comments that oppose the PTD proposed changes,
    • In most cases, PTD responds in writing, when applicable, to public input. When comments are received as a result of a public comment period, a report on the disposition of comments is made to the PTAB and PTD management. The report can also be made available to the public on request.
    • Provide adequate notice to Municipality of Anchorage residents. All Public Transportation Department public meetings shall be advertised at least two weeks before the public meeting. Meetings are further advertised via on-bus notification, public service announcements, through www.peoplemover.org, and on the municipal boards and commissions calendars, and
    • Public meeting advertisements will offer the opportunity for assistance listening devices or interpreters with 48 hours advance notice.
  • Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation System (AMATS):
    Public participation activities for AMATS shall:
    • State that the public participation act​ivities and established timelines for public review and comments on the TIP will satisfy the POP requirements, and
    • The POP as presented during the TIP public participation process will serve as the final POP unless amended.
  • Assembly:
    The Assembly must provide the PTD with an annual operating budget according to procedures described in Anchorage Municipal Code.

    Public Hearings conducted by the Assembly according to Anchorage Municipal Code 1.25:
    • All meetings of the Assembly will be public,
    • The Assembly by ordinance shall adopt procedures for maximum reasonable public notice of all meetings,
    • At each such meeting the public shall have reasonable opportunity to be heard, and
    • No official action may be taken in executive sessions.